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message 1: by Ephraim (new)

Ephraim Just (ephraimjust) | 4 comments Hi, everyone!

I'm looking to beta-read some projects in exchange for testimonials. I'm looking for books of all genres that focus on LGBT+ characters. I have no big no-nos, except that I don't mind books with sexual content, but I don't feel qualified to give feedback on outright erotica, and I'd prefer manuscripts of 100k words or under.

Here's what to expect from my readthroughs:

- I will give line to line commentary (a google doc is preferred but not compulsory) along with a "Final Impressions" letter once I'm done
- I will speak up when something bothers me, but I'm not here to tear you down. I generally don't suggest conceptual changes, and prefer to give suggestions to better the execution.
- I have a background in theater, film, and video games. I am anchored in visual media. This will inevitably color my commentary.
- I learned punctuation and formatting in France, so I unfortunately can't give you reliable advice on this front.
- I can give sensitivity reads around LGBT topics (in particular, transmasculine/genderqueer focused stories) and am completely fluent in French and English.

If you're interested, please give me an elevator pitch, genre, word count, as well as warnings for potentially upsetting content (indicating how prevalent that content is).

Thanks for your interest!

message 2: by Kira Grace (new)

Kira Grace | 10 comments Hi Dan, I have the first 6k words of a novella that I'm working on that I would love some feedback for. Are you open to unfinished works or would you prefer completed manuscripts?

My new novella is titled "The Thing About Coincidence" and is centered around two male main characters who had a stolen weekend together and intense connection but gave each other fake names so neither of them were able to contact the other afterwards. However eight months later they are set up on a blind date and are able to hash out their previous encounter and move forward.

It is sexually explicit but I understand if you don't want to provide feedback for that content! Let me know if you're interested at all here or shoot me an email at


message 3: by Skye (new)

Skye Kilaen (skyekilaen) | 25 comments Hi Dan, I messaged you about this!

message 4: by Reid (new)

Reid | 2 comments Hi Dan,
I am finishing my first manuscript and looking for beta readers. My project is a 75k word coming of age/coming out memoir about a Pentecostal preacher's kid from Mississippi. The story takes place at the nexus of identity, religious faith, family, and mental health.

There are some scenes I'd rate at PG-13 for sexual content.

Back-of-Book Blurb
I lost my sense of self soon after moving to TX. Going into that graduate degree program, I was at my pinnacle. The picture of me on my student ID even shows my sense of strength and pride. Being on my own for the first time, living in a new state, in a challenging degree program fractured my sense of self/pride/competence. Then I realized that I was gay and made the mistake of telling my dad. My whole world changed. I had to flee the state in terror of my dad’s rage, into the arms of a practical stranger. My family began to crumble and with it, my sanity.

Let me know if you are still open to doing any beta reading and if you would like to beta read my manuscript.
Thank in advance,

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