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Betsy in Spite of Herself (Betsy-Tacy, #6)
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April: Betsy In Spite of Herself

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Rebekah Giese Witherspoon (rebekahgw) What do you think about Betsy in Spite of Herself?

Rebekah Giese Witherspoon (rebekahgw) In this book, Betsy's adventures into "The Great World" include a meal at The Moorish Café (oo la la!), a trip to visit her dear friend Tib in a very German city called Milwaukee, and springtime jaunts in a shiny red car at the breathlessly exhilarating speed of 20 miles per hour. The Betsy that I know and love is back in this book and, even though she experiments (unsuccessfully) with transforming herself into a different person, someone "Dramatic and Mysterious", her sincerity and warmth and kindness always shine through. I'm back in the Betsy-Tacy fan club.

Gil-or (readingbooksinisrael) (meirathefirst) | 5 comments So, I haven't finished this book. Real life happened and reading really got pushed to the wayside.

But something I noticed even back in January/February was that while this is a discussion book club the way Goodreads is built makes it hard to hold a discussion.

For instance, if I want to comment on something someone said I can't "@" them. I just have to post and hope they see it or dm it to them which doesn't allow anyone else to see it.

So I was thinking, would people be interested if I built a Discord server for this? It allows for there to be topics like in Goodreads but also lets people "@" each other and so on.

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