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Elise | 21 comments Heya there! Thanks for stopping in! This is just going to be a place for me to vomit a bunch of random ideas I have for my story, Giant Flying Lizard Thing. Most of the stuff I post will be side/back/not sure I'm going to use them stories, and if you want to read the real deal, shoot me a PM and I'll hit you up ((It's a google doc lol)).

Another thing I'd like to mention is that I might post something that has violence or graphic depictions of violence, so I'll do my best to tag each post but just be aware of that in case that stuff triggers you in any way.

I love all comments! Even if you think I suck, I still want to hear it.

Thank you! Stay awesome!

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Elise | 21 comments Tags: Angst, color-changing eyes, hot bounty hunters, human therapist, hurt/comfort, nightmares, protective-older-brother trope, PTSD, skin-changers, super strength, traumatic past, weapons

Warnings: description of weapons, post-traumatic stress disorder

Shane was awakened by an ear-splitting scream. He’d startled into a sitting position, eyes wide, and every part of his body tense. It took him less than a second to realize Kaixon wasn’t in the tent and even less time for another scream to shatter the silence. It took Shane another second to realize it was Laura.

He bolted from the tent, feet barely touching the ground as he covered the seemingly endless distance to Laura’s. Halfway there, Kaixon materialized next to him. Then Shane practically tore the cover open and stopped short.

Laura was curled up into a tight ball, twisted in her blankets, her whole body trembling. Tears ran freely from her closed eyes. It looked like she was trying to shrink to the size of an apple.

Then she screamed again, so desperate and broken that Shane considered massaging his chest to get his heart going again. Instead, he ducked into the tent and knelt beside her.

“Hey.” He whispered, shaking her gently. “Hey come on, wake up.”

“What’s wrong with her?” Kaixon’s voice sounded more worried than Shane had ever heard it–which was saying quite a bit.

Shane frowned. “I… she just needs to–” He shook her harder. This time, she gasped, and her eyes snapped open. They were pure silver.

“It’s okay,” Shane promised. He eased her into an upright position. “You’re okay. It’s just a bad dream.”

Her gaze locked onto his, she smacked a hand to her mouth. A muffled sob escaped anyway.

“Hey, hey hey no.” He reached over and wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t… it’s okay, please…” It broke his heart to hear her so pained. She didn't deserve this.

“Just, just tell me what happened.”

Laura held onto him so tightly he thought his ribs might crack. She was sobbing into his chest, gasping just to breathe.

Shane hadn’t expected such an intense reaction from her.

“He–he was–”

She lifted her head a little, so she could peek through her hair at Kaixon. Shane hadn’t really looked at him in the past minute; he’d been so preoccupied with making sure Laura was safe. Now he realized how disheveled the man looked, with his hair sticking up at odd angles, and the sleeveless shirt that was all twisted and wrinkled, like he'd just woken up.

Shane suddenly felt bad. The poor man needed all the sleep he could get.

But Laura wasn’t taking in his appearance, she was staring at the wicked, eight-inch dagger clenched tightly in his hand.

The bounty hunter followed her gaze. “Oh, um…” A frown tugged on his features as if he hadn’t known he was holding it. “Sorry.” He visibly forced himself to relax. “I guess I’ll just… leave now.” The way he phrased it made it seem like a question.

Laura gave a small nod.

He nodded back, hesitating for a moment, before disappearing from view.

Shane waited a few minutes before speaking. “It was about him, wasn’t it?”

Laura had gone back having her face buried in his chest. A quiet, “Yeah.” Was all she managed.

“Care to elaborate?”

She sniffled weakly. “It hurts.”

Shane sighed. “It’ll hurt less if you talk about it.”

She just whimpered in response.

“Hey.” He gently pushed her back and made her look at him. “It’s not real, okay? It’s just a nightmare.”

Her lip trembled, and a couple more tears rolled down her cheeks. “But it felt real.” She whispered. Her body shuddered as she struggled to rein in another sob. “It felt so real.”

Shane felt his heart break a little bit. He pulled her back into the hug.

“And I know he really cares if he was willing to throw his secret out the window for us,” She lowered her voice a little. “And I know how hard that would be if…”

A tiny sob bubbled out. Her shoulders started to tremble a little. Shane could do nothing except hold her.

“I was eight years old.” She gasped. “I was eight years old again and he was there and they were hurting me and…”

“What happened?”

Laura hugged him so tight he found it hard to breathe. He couldn’t remember a time when she’d seemed so broken down; she wasn’t just trembling now, she was physically shaking.

“Come on Laura,” Shane pleaded. It hurt him to see her like this. “Just say it.”

It took her another minute to pull her face away from his shirt. Her nose was red and her hair was full of tears.

Her eyes were so incredibly sad.

“They killed him.” She said simply.

“They just killed him. And they made me watch while Legorra–” A rough gasp cut her off, and a fresh wave of tears spilled from her eyes.

“Easy, easy.” There was a hint of begging in Shane’s voice. “Kaixon is still alive. He’s still here.”

“I know.” Laura whimpered. “But he was my age.”

Shane froze.

“He was seventeen.” She whispered. “Seventeen.”

Shane was seventeen.

“He was just a kid.”

Well, he technically would have been considered a man, but Laura was right. That was way too young to die.

Laura shuddered.

“He’s not dead.” Shane insisted.

“Yeah, but I thought he was.” She whimpered. “I thought he was gone and suddenly nothing else mattered.”

Shane didn’t know what to say to that. He settled instead for a question. “Will you be okay?” It was a simple question. But really, how was she supposed to answer?

She drew the back of her hand across her face. “If it doesn't happen, I’ll be gold.”

Shane brushed a straggling tear off her cheek. “As opposed to silver?” He smiled softly and gestured to her eyes. “That’d be amazing.”

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Elise | 21 comments If anyone wants a visual, there's a picture of Kaixon on my profile :)

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