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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Horror. Short stories. Woman afraid of letting feet dangle off bed.

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Sergio Taylor | 2 comments This is my first post, and english is not my first language, so thank you for bearing with me.
I read this book in the early or mid 90's.
The one story I remember is about a girl who's afraid of letting her feet dangle off the bed while she sleeps, so she always tucks her sheets under the matress to prevent her feet from dangling. She doesn't know why she does this, but she has a feeling that something horrible will happen if she lets her feet dangle .
She grows up and gets married (or moves in with her boyfriend). Her partner is uncomfortable sleeping with the sheets tucked under the matress, and convinces her that her fear is irrational and nothing will happen if they sleep with the sheets loose. She agrees, and thet go to bed without tucking the sheets.
In the middle of the night her foot slips out of bed. She wakes up screaming that something is pulling her foot. Her partner tries to calm her down, until he sees a (clawed?) hand pulling her foot and trying to drag her off the bed. He tries to pull her back on to the bed, but he's losing, getting dragged to the edge of the bed himself, seeing that there's some sort of portal on the bedroom floor, and a demon/monster pulling his woman into it. In the end, he can't hold her any more, she's pulled in by the demon/monster and the portal closes. He ends up staring vacantly into the floor, where the portal was.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for your help!

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Courtney (andforamoment) | 297 comments Could it be the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark series?

message 3: by Sergio (new)

Sergio Taylor | 2 comments Almost certain it isn't, as it was a compilation of several authors.

The rockabilly werewolf from Mars | 1453 comments Are you still looking?

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