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message 1: by Sara (new)

Sara Holliday (sarahollidaybooks) | 1 comments Hello - I sent this request initially to Support, and "Brian R." suggested I repeat it here. And then I tried to post it and got some sort of error, so forgive me if you're seeing this multiple times - it's accidental.

I'm the Head of Events at the New York Society Library (and, incidentally, also a Goodreads author). We present the annual New York City Book Awards to a handful of the year's best books about New York City.

This page lists our past years' winners:

Can it be updated to include this year's awardees?

Please let me know what other information is needed. Thank you for your time.

Sara Holliday
The New York Society Library
On Goodreads as
or at the Library at

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 6780 comments I'm sorry, these cannot be added as the award does not comply with GR standards. Below is the pertinent librarian manual language. While there is no problem with your organization being a "recognized literary source", the award lacks a clear winner. Many organizations have categories, and then winners within the category. I looked at the website, and even downloaded the pdf announcement, and I cannot see that these are category winners. It appears that in some of the prior years, you did have categories.

A literary award should be presented periodically by a recognized literary source such as a writers' organization, book council, library association, publishing house, or major review site and should be subjectively selected by that source. Bestseller lists are not subjectively selected and should not be counted as awards.

Awards should have a clear winner; ranked lists are generally not considered awards. If an award has a middle tier such as an honor medal or a shortlist and is an award notable enough that other nominees are also listed, the award can be listed as two awards, one for the winner and the longlisted nominees and another for the shortlist.

(emphasis added)

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily | 14429 comments Sara,
Please remove your emails and the name of the Goodreads staff member out of your post, as this is all public and searchable. Thank you!

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