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Skylar Sweeney (skylarsweeneyauthor) | 7 comments Please add the following book--thank you very much!

* Title:
Undercover Quickie (Black Ops Billionaire, Prequel)
Undercover Quickie (Black Ops Billionaire, #0)

(If it needs a number, it is listed as 0 in the series on Amazon)

* Author(s) name(s)
Skylar Sweeney

* ISBN (or ASIN)

* Publisher

* Publication date
April 2, 2019

* Format

* Description
Life undercover isn't easy, but add some life under the covers and things can get real hot, real fast!

It's been three years since I've had fun between the sheets, and I've definitely been missing it--but not enough to blow my cover with some of the toughest mercenaries in the world. At least not until the undercover Vice officer, Detective Lance Boomer, showed up at my office and his sexy biceps and beautiful body drove me out of my mind. Then all my secrets came spilling out, along with naughtier things...

Now that this undercover cop and I have joined up to bring an end to a co-worker's sick crimes, will I get my chance to "join up" with him in a different kind of way, or will tough choices put an end to the fantasy before it really begins?

* Page count
101 Pages

* Link to book

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