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Short Stories for ESL readers

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message 1: by Mel (new)

Mel (shiframel) | 4 comments Hello everyone!

I am a high school ESL teacher in Texas. My student population consists of Latin American, Chinese, Nepali, Micronesian, and Indian students. Since the majority of my students are from Latin America I have several books and short stories by Latin American authors in my classroom library. I would like to expand my library to include texts which encompass the experience of all of my students. Therefore, I'm asking the experts (you) about recommendations on Indian authors who would be suitable for high school students. I'm particularly interested in short stories since we can use those in whole-class activities rather than in independent reading.

Thank you!

Melissa Myer

Em*bedded-in-books* (embeddedinbooks) Short stories by R K Narayan are quite good. Especially, the world of Malgudi and Malgudi days.

message 3: by Mel (new)

Mel (shiframel) | 4 comments Thank you, Smitha. I'll be sure to add that to my list.

message 4: by Bhavit (new)

Bhavit Mehta | 5 comments

There are loads of books that have short stories of Indian myths and legeds. The 'Puffin Book of Classic Indian Tales' is quite good. Also books by the UK-based author Jamila Gavin are great.

Hope this helps.

message 5: by Mel (new)

Mel (shiframel) | 4 comments It certainly does, thank you for the advice!

message 6: by Sudeshna (new)

Sudeshna | 8 comments Hi Melissa,

You could also try short stories by Ruskin Bond. He writes very lovingly about the hills and school days. Hope this helps.

message 7: by Mel (new)

Mel (shiframel) | 4 comments Thank you, Sudeshna! I'll check those out.

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