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UNSOLVED: One specific book > hardcover pink fairy tale book with a little blond girl on the cover; Bremen town musicians

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Diedre Casey | 8 comments Okay this one is just as annoying as the other ones if not more
the book was hardcover pink with blue bubble letters and a little blond girl on the cover

I remember looking at this book all the time when I was little it had a collection of fairy tales in it including the Bremen musicians the other stories were about I remember some of the stories so well it's like it was yesterday but its more like 25 years ago.

1. I family of flies living in a lampost (that look like fairies they have brown hair and red bodies and black vests their feet have little curly toed red shoes)

get a baby butterfly dropped off on their doorstep by a stork its a cute blond girl with blue wings with dark blue hearts on the wings and is wearing white shorts and tank top her shoes are blue with curly-toed ones. The flies try to get her to eat a piece of appl but she would rather smell an apple blossom they end up kicking her out of their home because she is too different.
she sees another girl with hearts on her wings among the flowers and she called her a fly which causes her to get mad and tell her she is a butterfly just like she is.

2. A little boy magician who experiments with magic potions on mice gets shrunken by the mice who put the shrinking potion on the boy's washtub they put him in a bottle with a cork and laugh at him the boy is sorry for treating the mice the badly and the mice change him back.
The illustrations were really cute here the bubbles in the tub were pink blue and yellow the mice were white and skinny and the boy wore a blue robe with stars.

3. I never really read this part of the book but it was about two possum sisters living in the woods
4. the Bremen town musicians
this one was my favorite the way the animals were drawn was so unique I remember the donkey roasting a red spotted mushroom over a fire and looking sad and rooster comes by with a red polka dotted hobo pack on a stick the donkey had brown eyes and long black eyelashes.

There is a lot in that but hopefully, someone will remember

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Diedre ~~
You never know what detail will trigger the memory of someone else, so keep adding those details as you remember them.

Also ~~
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