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Blameless (Parasol Protectorate, #3)
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2019 Parasolverse ReadAlong OVER > 04/08-04/21: Blameless

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Skye (Skye's Scribblings) | 241 comments Mod
And so The Great 2019 Parasolverse Read-Along continues!
(See the Info & Schedule post here for all the details.)

For our next read, to be digested for two weeks April 8th thru 21st, we continue the Parasol Protectorate series with book 3: Blameless!

Ready? Set? Read!

Then come back to discuss! What was your favorite part? Best character & why? Favorite line/quote? Cameos? Share your beloved moments!

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Tami | 11 comments I really enjoy how Italy is the home of the hunters of supernatural beings and the food goes along with this! Pesto!! Very clever and makes the parasolverse more real.

Stacy | 13 comments I fell a bit behind in my listening schedule - damn responsibility, but I managed to finish Blameless today. So much fun! And London, Paris, and Florence! It’s all my favorite places cram-packed into one plot line! Love! But probably my favorite part of Blameless is how Ms. Carriger provides more detailed insight into how the scientific theory of the soul works in the Parasolverse. It’s like in other fantasy books when there is a strict magic system that follows certain mandates, but Ms. Carriger’s magic system just feels so much more scientific. It really makes me think about all of the ramifications of the theory. I adore books that make me ponder - those that extend past the page and into your daydreams where you end up lost in philosophical possibilities. Makes the mundaneness of life so much more enjoyable when one can daydream about parasol philosophy! Loving the audio narration, too. Ms. Grey’s various accents reveal the richness and details of Ms. Carriger’s writing. It’s like when a contestant on GBBO is piping Italian meringue, but viewers can’t really appreciate the details until the contestant blowtorches the piping - then all the beauty comes out. I always knew Ms. Carriger’s writing was sublime, but the voice in my head never did the dialogue justice - Ms. Grey’s narration really has highlighted all of its richness! So much fun! Already heading into Heartless. Hopefully I can dedicate time this week to getting back in track by finishing before next Sunday!

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