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Since there are a number of such games, and the D&D discussion is a bit too far ranging and generalized, this is the place to post about games based on the works of Michael Moorcock.

Games like the Elric boardgame or the Stormbringer or Hawkmoon RPGs or anything else of the sort.

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A French company, Sombres Projets has made a Mournblade RPG.

Here's a review:RPG First Look: Mournblade.

Note that the reviewer, who, appropriately enough, goes by the username Smiorgan, has also done work on a Black Hack and Stormbringer inspired RPG called Stormhack. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a link to the Stormhack rule set.

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Recently stumbled upon Black Blade of the Demon King an Elric, and who knows what else from the multiverse, inspired adventure for retro-style D&D games.
Black Blade of the Demon King is an adventure like no other for Lamentations of the Flame Princess or whatever flavor of OSR game you prefer. It’s a metal-and-Moorcock inspired sword and sorcery saga replete with fell blades, sad vikings, obsidian gnomes, and the end of the world!
Learn more or buy it at the authors' online store: Black Blade of the Demon King adventure.

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