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Emmy McGuirk | 1 comments I read this book when I was in middle school or elementary school around 2010-2012 ish. It must have been a teen or preteen book and it was fantasy. So from what I remember this girl was living in a small town with her father, in this town there was a war between magical creatures and the people, and eventually the magical creatures were banished to a forest. the witches had silver hair and blue eyes and when babies were born with silver hair they were left out in the woods for wolves to eat. the girl in the story did not have silver hair initially but she began to develop it. Her father was abusive and her mother left them when she was young. there was a boy who lived next door to the girl and they were friends and the boys grandmother was a secret witch and often she provided the girl with guidance. the boy's family was in a fire and he was the only one to survive which turned out to be because he was a magical creature. But anyways the father finds out that the girl is a witch and she is chased out of the village. She starts a journey accompanied by the boy to find her mother through the forest with magical creatures. the daughter keeps having visions of her mother in an arch way. Oh there was also a cat that followed the girl around I think it was magical as well. Thank you!!!

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