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English 4- Los Angeles Book Report
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Go to far left profile bubble then select and then select discussions. this is a private group for Seniors in English 4 only.

Read and choose a book:


Quarter 4 Los Angeles Literature Due May 31st

1. Written Report-
2. Complete 4 Journal Responses- Sign up for Goodreads option! You can complete them on Goodreads! If not then you must complete them in your journal and show them to me on 5/31.

Bonus Activity: Visit one of the places mentioned in your novel, take a picture and eat a 1 restaurant in the zip code of Los Angeles and write a 1-page review!

Due Date: May 31st

Attached is the outline if you do not know what to do and want to do the old school version of the book review. It is up to you. Do not miss your deadline.

Kristina Flores
English 4
Period 3
April 12, 2019

Everything, Everything
The author, Nicola Yoon, wrote a romance titled Everything, Everything, which took place in Los Angeles during modern times. The main characters Maddy and Olly fall in love and attempt to overcome the crippling illness that renders Maddy a prisoner in her own home, while focusing on the theme of unconditional love.
One important character in the book is Maddy. She has SCID which is a extremely rare disease that makes the host deathly allergic to almost everything. She is very calm and collected, focusing on her studies. That is, until she learns of Olly’s existence. She immediately becomes infatuated with the boy next door. She tells herself “I can’t stand it. I peek out from the corner of my curtains.” (Yoon). Over the course of a few days she consistently looks out her window to find him in his room. From the moment they meet, she becomes less of an education-crazed student, and more of a teenager in the mits of love. Olly is the second primary character. He comes across as cocky and silly. In the beginning of the book, he pretends a bundt cake is dying in order to grab Maddy’s attention.
The main issue at stake is Maddy’s illness hindering her from Olly and other experiences. Maddy forms a relationship with Olly and eventually they begin to meet in secret from her mother. Eventually she cannot handle the solidarity of her life and lack of substance of the outside world, and runs away with Olly. They go to Hawaii for two days where she eventually becomes sick and her heart stops. Once back in California from the hospital, she stops communication with Olly. Her mother forgives her and for the most part everything goes back to the way it was before Olly came into her life. One day after conversing with her nurse she became suspicious of her mother. She contemplated whether or not she actually has SCID. In the end she finds that her mother has lied to her her whole life. She flies to New York to see Olly, where he is happy to see her.
The entire book is based upon the idea of unconditional love, living your life to the fullest and following your heart. Maddy’s unconditional love for Olly is shown when she runs outside to protect Olly (thinking she has SCID at this point). She wanted to help Olly even if it was at the expense of her life. She lives her life to the fullest, albeit to an extreme, when she runs away to Hawaii to finally experience the world. Lastly, she follows her heart to New York to finally be with the boy she loves. My favorite part of this book was the ending because while other parts were cute, looking back it upset me that her mother was still lying to her to such a degree during that portion. I liked that Olly and Maddy were able to overcome everything and it gives me hope for their fictional future. I also liked how certain characters seemed to have purposely been left as flat characters. For example, Olly’s sister is only ever seen smoking cigarettes or running into the house. This allows the reader to focus on the more important aspects of the novel. This book should be on any reader’s “romance with a twist” list. Overall, the simplicity of the book allowed for the complexity and uniqueness of the plot.

Work Cited
Yoon, Nicola. Everything, Everything. Random House Children's Books, 2017.

This is excellent! Perfect example! I love this book! Great work Kristina! Yay!

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