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Hold The Cream Cheese, Kill The Lox (Ruby, the Rabbi's Wife, #4)
Archive: Other Books > Hold the cream Cheese, Kill the Lox (TRIM) by Sharon Kahn 2.5 stars

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Rachel N. | 1432 comments This is the fourth book in a series featuring Ruby whose Rabbi husband was killed at the start of the series. This time around Ruby is drafted into lodging Essie Sue's twin cousins sons as they prepare for their bar mitzvah. The man Essie Sue wants to hire to provide lox for the reception is found murdered with a knife in his back. Ruby sort of investigates the crime, the book takes place over 9 months so no one is in a huge hurry to solve this. About a third of the book is spent describing Ruby's vacation to Alaska in detail which has nothing to do with the murder investigation. I would like more of an actual mystery and less of an Alaska travelogue. I own one more book in the series which I'll probably read but then I think I'm done with the series.

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Joanne (joabroda1) | 7122 comments Ah, that's too bad-I have gotten wrapped up in series like this and it also took me time to walk away-it sounds like it could be fun if the author had stayed on task! I know you really like this type of book/series, so I hope you find a good one to pick up!

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