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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA/Young Adults- kinda shady teenage girl who lives with her mom in the states and has to move a lot because she causes a lot of problems

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Sofi (thevicowoo) | 1 comments Hi, I think this is a series of books (theres at least 2 of them) and I read them back in highschool, probably from 2010-2013.

- The main character is a teenager girl who lives with her mum (although the mum doesnt make a lot of appearances on the book), and moves states a lot because she creates problems and theres shady people chasing her (I believe the government/CIA/FBI?) . Also she most probably has black hair

- In one of the books she lives for a few days in a box in the street (although I dont remember why) and also (I also dont remember why) she fakes her identity and makes herself pass as one girl who dissapeared and goes to live with the dad and fixes the radio in the girls room (she is good with technology). Also during that chapters theres a discussion or a mental dialogue in her head aboud calling soda soda/pop/soft drink.

- She works in a bar/restaurant during one of the books and gives a fake name and also in one scene she is so bored she watches the milk of a cup go bad.

- She is kinda rude with people and likes dark humour. She is also very intelligent.

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