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The Seven Husbands... > Chapters 44-48

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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
Let's discuss!

message 2: by deana everett (new)

deana everett | 124 comments She finally did it at what cost? I love that she loves Harry and was there for him but I hate that she used him too. I love the shout out to Celia but it breaks my heart at the same time.

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
I’m sick over the whole thing. She did use her “advantage” of being bisexual over Celia. She didn’t have to sleep with Harry to conceive. They could have adopted - it was already out there from her marriage to Don that she had trouble conceiving and carrying to term.

I cringed when she said she that she lost the woman she loved because she cared about her AS MUCH as she cared about being famous. What a harsh truth.

I’m glad Celia left her because she deserved better.

message 4: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 35 comments I am so mad at Evelyn for what she’s done to Celia. The cold hard truth was that she wasn’t going to let anyone, not even the love of her life, come between her career. ITs been obvious that she has been using sex to get what she wants. I’m glad Celia left, again! I was also happy for Evelyn that she finally won.

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