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message 1: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Deacon (jamiedeacon) | 40 comments Title: Defensive Play

Cover: Defensive Play (A Boys on the Brink Novella) by Jamie Deacon

Words: 21,500

Formats available: PDF/ePub/Mobi

Blurb: Seventeen-year-old Davey has never made friends easily. Shy, geeky, crippled with social anxiety, he feels isolated from his peers, and only his position as defender for the school football team fills the void of loneliness. On the pitch, his deft footwork has earned him the respect and acceptance of his squad, though at a price. Desperate to hold onto this camaraderie, Davey conceals the truth from everyone, even his own family.

Then, during the annual Brookshire football tournament, his eyes meet those of a rival player across the field and a spark flares between them, one neither boy can deny. Adam is everything Davey longs to be—confident, popular, comfortable with his sexuality. Davey aches to explore their connection, to discover where it might lead, but how can he follow his heart and risk rejection by his teammates, the closest thing to friends he has ever known?

**Content Warning: a little strong and homophobic language

Excerpt: (view spoiler)

If you’d like to receive a copy in exchange for an honest review, simply comment below and I’ll PM you. No email addresses in the comments, please.

Take care and happy reading!


message 2: by Matt (new)

Matt Miller | 2 comments I would love to read and review this.

message 3: by Philip (new)

Philip I would be happy to read and review the book.

message 4: by Carrie-Anne (new)

Carrie-Anne | 98 comments Hey, this sounds right up my street, would love to review

message 5: by Pablito (new)

Pablito (pablito2772) | 9 comments I live for rivals-to-lovers stories! Count me in.

message 6: by Jyoti (new)

Jyoti | 3 comments sounds really interesting :)

message 7: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Deacon (jamiedeacon) | 40 comments Jyoti wrote: "sounds really interesting :)"

Hi, Jyoti! Goodreads tells me you're not accepting messages. If you're interested in a copy of my book to review, do drop me a private message with your email address and which format you'd prefer and I'll send one over.

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 1 comments I'm interested in reviewing this one. Sounds good.

message 9: by Noah (new)

Noah Clark (p0w3rfu1_0n3) | 6 comments If I actually got to read this book, I'd definetley review it!

message 10: by Cat (new)

Cat | 2 comments i’d love to read and review this book!

message 11: by Laura (new)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 5 comments Hi. If you still need reviewers, count me in.

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