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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Disaster/survival? Fiction, though I could be wrong. Theres a severe storm or heavy fog. 2 ships collide one might be a steamer and the other a clipper/schooner? In the collision I think they got stuck together and one capsizes the other.

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JoeSixPac | 3 comments So around the change between the ships with sails and the steamer.

1 Survivor, maybe 2. Arctic or Antarctic like scenario with blizzards, Ice, Icebergs and snow and frigid temps. The survivor is stuck on the capsized section of the ship for a bit as it floats around and he tries to take stock and gather survival provisions. but later is able to find seals I think.

I tried using the Library of Congress list/site and found it confusing trying to get keywaords to work and I also went through all 100 pages of suggestions of shipwrecks here.
I checked it out of my school library a lot around 89-92(Im leaning towards the 91-92 range). I dont remember if it was a new book released then or released a while before then.

Also I dont remember if it was a short story with others collected in one book or if it was novel on its own, so I hope Im not confusing/mixing up the stories details with each other if it was multiples and not a novel. So sorry in advance if that turns out to be the case. One of the things from the novel that may be helpful that I remember was a mention by the survivor or the captain or maybe the author stating for the readers benefit but it was about the fast steam-ships being a hazard to standard merchant traffic like thiers.

This is getting annoying trying to post this so I hope I have this done right and the details right since it was years ago.

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