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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. The ___ House (?). Children's chapter book, creepy/halloween, 1990s ish. Main character named Tom (?). His twin sister Laura explores a creepy abandoned house on the hill and he has to go in and rescue her. [s]

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Sabrina | 3 comments So I think the title may be along the lines of "The [Blank] House" with the 'blank' being the name of the family who previously lived there and hence the name that the rest of the town has attached to the house.

I read it sometime in the late 2000s as a kid. A reasonably short book, maybe 80-140 pages. Children's paperback (penguin or similar) probably published in the 1990s in the UK. Set in late October/early November time. Front cover is an illustration of a boy and a girl pushing their bikes through the wrought iron front gates to a darkened house at night, it's got a very purple cover. The main character is a boy possibly called Tom who has a twin sister Laura. Laura is a bit more outgoing and brave than he is. There's an uninhabited house at the top of a hill in their town which all the neighbourhood kids are scared of and spread rumours that it's haunted.

Laura decides to explore it anyway but doesn't come back so the brother has to sneak into the house too in order to find her. I remember he could tell she was definitely inside because she tied her hair ribbon to the frame of the upstairs window that she sneaked in through. Turns out the house is the base of a couple of criminals in the process of digging a tunnel from the basement to underneath the local paper-mill which is a major employer in the town. Their plan was to steal the money for the workers' wages from the safe. Anyway the brother manages to rescue Laura (along with another boy who had sneaked in a few days earlier) and they call the police.

Other specific details which I remember - the criminals had a hoover which they fixed to blow dust out instead of sucking it in, so that anyone peeping in through the windows of the house would see undisturbed dust covering everything and wouldn't suspect there were people hiding in the house. Also the main character is bad at football and is friendly with the janitor at his school.

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Mai | 1254 comments The title doesn't match but maybe The Creepy Tale by Ritchie Perry? (I think it was published in either 1989 or 1990; there are different publication dates online)
The Creepy Tale by Ritchie Perry
Found searching online.
Ever since the terrible murders all those years ago, the huge house had been shrouded in mystery and evil. Tom should have stopped Laura's plan, but he couldn't let his twin sister think he was scared, and now they were going to the house alone and at twilight.

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Sabrina | 3 comments Mai wrote: "The title doesn't match but maybe The Creepy Tale by Ritchie Perry? (I think it was published in either 1989 or 1990; there are different publication dates online)

That's it! Thank you

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