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april 2019: fire & heist > Week 2: Chapters 8-14 (inclusive)

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Taylor (Frayed Books) (tayecar) | 82 comments I feel like a lot is going to happen in these chapters... I have so many questions after that chapter 7 ending!

Taylor (Frayed Books) (tayecar) | 82 comments Okay soooo a lot did happen! But I feel like this book seems kind of rushed and like everything is happening so quickly? Like they planned the heist and they trained for like 2 days and then they did the heist. Seems too quick for me. And of course they were going to get caught! It wouldn’t be a good plot line if they didn’t but hmm what’s up with Sky’s family and why does everyone hate them. I’m still left with so many questions about Sky’s mom, but that cliffhanger on chapter 14... omg!

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