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Ellen | 2052 comments When Toni Murphy was in high school she was, for a short time, friendly with the most popular girls in town. The group of girls was led by Shauna, rich, beautiful and daughter of a powerful policeman. After Shauna saw Toni speaking to a boy Shauna liked, Toni became the focus of the girls who spent the remainder of their school days making Toni's life completely miserable. One night while Toni and her boyfriend Ryan were at the beach, Toni's younger sister Nicole, who was waiting in Ryan's truck, was brutally murdered. Toni and Ryan were quickly arrested, convicted and sent to prison mainly due to the lies Shauna and her troop of mean girls told at trial. Toni spent 15 years behind bars but now that she is on parole she will stop at nothing to find out the truth of Nicole's murder even if she puts her own life in danger.

For the most part this was a solidly suspenseful story but it was unrelentingly depressing. Toni could not catch a break for a second. How much bad stuff can happen to one person? Some of these characters are truly a few of the most hateful people in print not the least of which is Toni's mother who never believed Toni was innocent of the murder of her obviously favorite child Nicole. While the ending was definite it was, in my opinion, far-fetched.

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LibraryCin | 8027 comments I think this is the only one by this author I haven't yet read. I do plan to, though.

 Olivermagnus (lynda214) | 1907 comments I've read three Chevy Stevens novels and liked them all. I've passed this over several times. I do own it and plan to get to it eventually.

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