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John Tissandier | 2 comments I’m a retired computing lecturer who lives in Totnes, Devon (the world’s first Transition Town). I was born in France, but moved to England at the age of five. I studied science and philosophy at the University of Surrey, and been inspired by the spiritual teachings of India. I’ve written one book which was published March 2019; it’s a collection of 100 poems and 50 short stories. Also some of my work has been published in Caduceus, International Times, and Self Enquiry. My other creative outlets include photography and playing guitar.

You may have noticed there is a theme developing here: being brought up in two different countries, studying two subjects at university, having different creative outlets, writing a book that is is both poetry and fiction... Of course the latter is a marketing nightmare. What shelf do you put it on? But it doesn’t stop there. Here are a few of the topics covered by the poems and stories: the search for a genuine guru, the consequences of acquiring an alien artefact, a rewriting of the story of Adam and Eve, the pitfalls of cryogenics, an encounter with a snake fifty miles long, the town where everyone is a therapist, the Amazonian warehouse of all possibilities, enlightenment, the financial crisis, the heartache of a physicist, the withdrawal symptoms of a nerd, a piece of dust, a ghostly cat, the Daleks!

The other day I was having lunch with a writer friend. She said she was going to buy my book, which is nice. Then we both confessed that we hadn’t bought the book of a mutual friend of ours, and we wondered why that was. The answer was that although we felt sure it would be a well-written book, we also knew that what it would say was far too predictable. My friend said she was buying my book because she didn’t know what to expect.

I understand that some people will hate that and much prefer to stick to their favourite genres. But I felt I had to remain faithful to the promptings of the creative spirit wherever it took me, and to be free of convention and commercial constraints. You could say my book is for nobody - or you could say it’s for everybody. It warmly welcomes everyone regardless of whether they are an atheist or a mystic, a nature-loving artist or a computer nerd or scientist. I don’t expect many computer nerds read poetry, but I have written some poems about computer nerds. I hope they will tempt people who don’t normally read poetry to give it a go.

The first review I got was from an atheist who has no interest in mystical things, and the second review was from someone who is a Zen Buddhist influenced contemplative. They both gave my book 5 stars – that pleases me very much. I feel that although the world is dualistic and brimming with conflicting disparate things, at core they are all the same hence the title of the book “TWO to ONE”.

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John Tissandier | 2 comments This is to let people know that as well as the Amazon website my book is now available at a discount from the following places:

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