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──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments Anne Marie's Brothel
(Anne Marie's Brothel)
Time: 1917
Place: Louisiana


Muse A is a young girl (around 17-18) working at a famous and posh brothel owned by the notorious and cruel Anne Marie. Women are often starved and beaten and given cruel punishments when they do not abide with Anne Marie's strict rules. They must follow every rule given to them. Do not argue with the clients. Do not sabatoge other workers but most importantly do NOT fall in love with the clients. While Muse A is one of the most obedient workers and a favorite of Anne Marie, her heart longs for one thing and one thing only and that is love but for fear of Miss Anne Marie, she keeps those dangerous thoughts hidden.

One day, the brothel is visited by a tremendously rich man whose name is known throughout the whole town for his top notch photography. Muse B. He asks to see Muse A, having heard of her by the town's men, asking to photograph her and see the world of sex working through her perspective. After a month or two of working with Muse A, she goes against Anne Marie's number one rule and falls in love. Only one big problem. Anne Marie's Wrath, What will she do? Will she tell him? Will he love her back?

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thank you!

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments so characters?

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yep! how detailed do you make them?

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments well we can do the standard name, age, appearance, personality

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[Name] Markus Stafford
[Age] 23
[image error]

Markus is a reserved person who usually doesn't like to talk very much but he is kind and always wanting to help others. He loves the simple things in live and doesn't believe that extravagance leads to happiness. He is very close to his family and is a very caring and loyal person. He will always defend anyone that he cares about.

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments Name: Katherine "Katie" Louis
Age: 20
Though she has a calm and quiet exterior, she is very vivid and in the moment. She lives life to the fullest. She’s very smart. she can be a bit of a goof at times, but her childish joy is usually tolerable. she notices things that others wouldn’t, and stays in the clouds most of the time, dreaming and hoping. She has a bright presence. Her mind tends to fixate on little things that bring her joy and stay there.

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awesome! want to start?

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments yes ma'am

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sorry lol i meant if you wanted to start like do you want to go first?

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments ah okay i'll go ahead <3
we can go from the first time katie meets markus.


katherine bent over, reaching for one of her long black thigh highs. she pulled the sheer black robe around her tighter and pulled on her thigh highs. anne marie preferred her girls to stay in character at all times, so katherine often took a robe around with her to keep herself warm in the brothel. she was waiting for her 11 o clock appointment with the mayor's son. katherine looked over at herself in the mirror and sighed, feeling disapproval sit like a pit in the bottom of her stomach. she hated feeling this way. like a dirty whore and her heart ached for something raw, passionate, pure. her heart longed for love.

"katherine! come down here at once, girl!" yelled anne marie's harsh and raspy voice. katie jolted back to reality, pushing away the unlawful thought and tied the robe around herself, hiding her lingerie and body spotted with love marks and bruises.

she slipped on her slippers and hurried downstairs. "i'll be right there, miss!"

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The driver pulled up to the brothel and unlocked the door. “Here we are sir, what time should I come pick you up?” he asked.
Markus thought for a moment. “Perhaps in an hour? Honestly, I’m not sure how long it will take,” he said gathering his camera and other equipment.
He stepped out of the car and looked at the place not really wanting to be there but at the same time he was also very curious about the place. He often wondered what it was like living there and actually felt a bit of sorrow for the girls that lived there and what they went through for something as simple as bread on the table. He sighed and walked towards the building with just a side bag wondering what Madam Anne Marie was like. He had certainly heard of her but he had never stepped foot in this place before.

He walked up to the door and knocked not knowing what to expect but warily patiently at the door eager to meet the people who lived here.

(( quick question. what time period are we in? ))

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──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments ((20-30s ish since the roleplay is loosely based off Pretty Baby minus the pedophilia))

anne marie thrust the door open, smiling like a mad woman at the young man. he was much more handsome in real life than the magazines. anne marie herself was dressed in a rather tight black dress and wore quite gaudy makeup which didn't suit her middle aged face. she ushered him in smiling devilishly thinking about the sorts of publicity she could get from this visit alone. her eyes were hard and cruel which didn't suit her rather pretty exterior with platinum hair, clearly dyed, a icy blue eyes.

"welcome to my brothel, mr. stafford. would you like to meet your model?" anne marie looped her arm through his and walked over to a ornate and large stair case at the center of the room, leading him upstairs to the women's room where most of the girls hung out while waiting for their appointments. anne marie had cleared it out especially for mr. stafford's arrival and had ordered katie to sit inside it and wait for him.

"i can't begin to tell you how honored i feel for you to be photographing my brothel.." anne marie began.

katie, who sat on one of the pretty pink velvet love seats inside of the room, craned her neck, straining to hear what the madame was saying only to be drowned out by the sounds of giggles and thuds next door.

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At first Markus was a bit taken aback from Anne Marie’s appearance but it didn’t show on his face since he taught how to hide reactions like that. Instead he simply smiled and gave the woman a polite nod as he followed her inside. “The pleasure is mine Madame,” he said but was definitely interested in meeting the model. Not only to see what she looked like but he wanted to know her story and what he life was like, before and during her time here. Every photo he took was something he took with pride and he always wanted to know the details about what or who he was photographing.
His father had often told him that he wasted a lot of time. That is, up until Markus’s photos had started gaining attention from important people from all of the country. Now, his father lets him do as he wishes and hasn’t complained since.
“How long have you owned the brothel?” he asked Madame Anne Marie curiously as he walked with her, looking around at everything and making note of every detail.

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments "Almost 40 years now," Anne Marie replied, winking at him. She straightened her dress and gestured towards a long hallway, leading him towards the last door. Laughter and vulgar noises and shouting rang through the halls despite their soundproof walls. Anne Marie's eyes darkened and she tutted in disapproval. Looked like the girls of Room 4 and Room 6 were going to have to be punished later. She had made it aware that they were being visited by a very important guess. "It was first built as an asylum by my father but I renovated it after he passed the building down to me after his abrupt death. The poor man fell to TB. Truly a sad story." She feigned sadness then stopped at the last door, opening the door for him. "After you, Mr. Stafford."

Katie looked up, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She remained sitting but straightened her posture, feeling the need to look proper. She uncrossed her legs and pushed them together, not wanting to look vulgar anymore. Something about Mr. Stafford made her feel the need to pay more attention to everything. The world was more vivid and she could feel every flaw on the surface of her skin.

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Markus followed her and noticed the noises and laughter but didn't say anything since to him it didn't really matter. For some reason, it didn't really bother him since he wasn't there for that and also he had no idea that she had tried to clear the place out. He found it interesting that it had been an asylum before but he wasn't surprised about it at all. He could tell that she wasn't being sincere when she mentioned her father dying a tuberculosis but for some reason that didn't seem to surprise him either. He just nodded and went along decided to not say anything against her since he could tell that she was the kind of woman who was yell at him and talk him to death and he didn't want to hear it. And also he was raised to be a gentleman so saying anything against her would have just been rude.

He walked through the doorway to see a beautiful young girl sitting in the room already waiting. He was a bit taken aback with how pretty she was but he kept his composure. Well, of course, they're pretty, he thought to himself. Anne Marie seemed to take pride in her brothel and that obviously meant selected the best looking girls for the services that they offered. It just made sense. Personally, Markus was against the idea of brothels and wished that these girls could find better work doing other things. More acceptable things. But he was also aware that many of them came from poverty and didn't have a choice but to end up in this line of work. He ignored his prejudices and nodded to the girl, "How do you do miss. I appreciate you meeting with me today," he said politely.

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──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments (Sorry some things popped up so I wasn't able to get to a computer all day)

Katie merely smiled at the handsome stranger, though she felt very self-conscious. She felt nervous and tongue-tied, something she rarely felt. Anne Marie glared at the girl, placing her hand on Katie's shoulder and squeezing it with way more force than necessary, causing her to yelp out before quickly turning it into a sharp laugh. "T-the pleasure is mine, Mr. Stafford! I was beyond ecstatic when the Madame told me you'd be visiting. I'm honored to be your model for these photos," she said, giving a forced laugh as Anne Marie's grip loosened.

She tugged the robe around her tighter and let out a soft sigh, looking up and meeting his eyes. She offered him a tentative smile, reaching out her hand to him for a handshake.

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(oh okay, sorry about that)

Markus pretended not to notice the awkward exchange between Anne Marie and the young girl. What was her name again? For some reason, he was having trouble remembering. Then it clicked, it was Katie. He shook her hand with a polite smile and sat in the chair across from her. "If it's alright with you I am going to be asking you some questions. Nothing too personal, just things about you and this place or whatever you feel like sharing with me," he said taking a quick look around at the room they were in. "If there is a question you don't feel confortable asking then just let me know. The reason why I ask questions about people before I take pictures is to help set up my composition and make it more personal if that makes sense. Also if there is anything I do not ask but you want to share with me, then I would be more than happy to listen," he said. He paused for a moment trying to remember ifif there was anything else he needed to mention before questioning her when he asked, "Do you have any questions before we start?"

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments "No sir, although I was hoping we could go somewhere private maybe?" She asked, lowering her voice at the last part. Anne Marie stood, a few feet away watching Katie with a hard gaze that made her uncomfortable. She blew out a puff of air, fiddling with her skirt to avoid Anne Marie's gaze. "We could go to my room.." She suggested, standing up. At full height, Katie wasn't that tall. Maybe a full 5'4. She bit her lip nervously. She wasn't sure if she should answer the questions honestly for the truth might shock the photographer as well as destroy the brothel.

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments (Sorry about the short reply, for some reason my head isn't working)

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(it's okay. I'm sorry for not responding in so long)

Markus nodded, "Yes that's fine," he said not even bothering to ask Anne Marie for permission since he wasn't one to ask anyone for permission at all. He never needed to. "Show me the way then," he said standing up and picking up his belongings. He was curious and wasn't sure why she wanted to go to her room. Perhaps she felt more comfortable there? Or perhaps she wanted to escape the eagle eye of Madame Anne Marie. Either way, Markus would honor her request hoping she was being sincere and not trying to trick him in some way.

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments (Of course, I completely understand!!)

Katie ushered him upstairs into her room. She grabbed a raggedy, grey sweater from off her dresser which had some holes from being used so much and pulled it on, covering her body. It hung over her slim figure and obscured her body. Katie adored it. She hated the feel of her work clothes. It made her feel vulnerable. Naked. A terrible feeling for a prostitute. Katie removed her shoes and pulled on some socks. Gifts from the men who had forgotten them in her room. She then took a seat on the bed and pointed towards the end of the bed. "I know it isn't much but you can sit over there if you'd like." The room itself was small, cramped and though sometimes she wished it were bigger, it was still just the right size for Katie. The bed was big. Enough for her and men she brought here and had a black satin bedspread. There was a black desk and the walls were painted grey. In places where the paint was peeling, she'd painted over them with designs of her own. There were several pillows on her bed, also gifts to make her room look more pleasing to her regulars. Her clothes were all shoved inside her closets for she didn't have the time to clean up but it was fairly neat and beautiful inside her room in a cozy way.

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(Sorry, i was on vacation. i didnt have wifi. would you like to continue?)

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments (of course!)

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(Sorry I really failed you. So much shit has been happening that I didn't have to time respond. I'm really sorry)

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments (Ahhh no don't worry about it. I've been super busy too so getting online can be difficult. We can continue if you want.)

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(ONly if you want to, I understand if you're no longer interested)

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments (Nono it's totally fine)

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(ok cool is it my turn?)

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments (yes ma'am)

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Markus stepped inside her room and glanced around curiously seeing all of her belongings and everything else that she kept in her room. There were plenty of questions that he wanted to ask her but he didn't want to invade or seem intrusive. "Where would you like me to sit?" he asked glancing at the bed but not wanting to make her uncomfortable. And since it was her room, the least he could do was be respectful. He set his stuff down on the floor by a wall when he asked, "How long have you been living here?" He figured he could start with simple questions about herself to help her feel comfortable and warm up to him a bit. Then he could go to more specific questions since he also wanted to get to know her and what her feelings were with living her and being in this lifestyle.

──  ୨୧ dollette | 21 comments "You can sit anywhere you want but I would suggest the bed because the floor gets cold." She sat on the bed, folding her legs crisscross applesauce style. "And sir, you don't have to worry about being too intrusive. You came here to find out what life is really like here so don't give us small talk questions." She ran a hand through her hair again, a small habit she had developed over the years. "I've been living here since I was a kid. Actually I was born into it. My mom left the brothel when she turned 25 but it never really bothered me. The girls here took good care of me." She turned her attention to him and sighed wistfully but bit her lip to prevent herself from saying anything else.

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At first he was taken aback with how direct she was. But he also appreciated it and nodded. After all, she was right. He came there to find the truth and he wasn't going to find it if he didn't ask more specific questions. After hearing her mention her mother he nodded and was glad that the girls were at least kind to each other...or were they? Was she just saying that to make the place look good? He didn't ask that but instead asked, "What about Anne Marie? How does she treat all of you?" He decided to make the question broad since he didn't want her to feel like she was saying something she wasn't supposed to.

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