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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Paranormal young adult / read around 2007. Young girl stays at a house that it is haunted by a girl. Rope swing hanging in the back yard of the property and a male caretaker that lives behind the house. Spoilers in comments

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message 1: by Mallori (new)

Mallori | 1 comments I read this paranormal young adult book when I was in middle school, roughly 2007. It revolved around a young girl who goes to stay at a home for the summer (I believe it was summer), and she quickly realized that it is haunted by another young girl.

The dead girl in the story tries to communicate to the alive girl, however she is not able to properly communicate, which ultimately leaves the living girl feeling terrified of her and the home.

I remember a lot of interactions revolving around a rope swing hanging from a tree in the back yard of the property. There was a male caretaker that took care of the home who lived in a cabin or a large shed behind the house, and near this rope swing. The caretaker gave a odd vibe when there was interaction.

The final chapters of the book end in the caretaker chasing the alive girl through a field (possibly a cornfield). I think the major twist of the book was the realization that the caretaker had killed the girl that now haunts the house, and that was what the dead girl kept trying to warn the other about. I do not remember how the book finally wraps up though.

These are unfortunately all the details I am able to remember concerning the book. Thank you in advance for any help you're able to give! I would love the chance to re-read this book as an adult as it has always stuck with me, and I have never been able to remember what it was called.

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie A. | 251 comments Sounds a lot like The Ghost in the Swing -- it's an apple orchard, but the other details fit.

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