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message 1: by anastasia (new)

anastasia | 10 comments If you’re not too lazy send me song you like (please not more than 2 or 3 per person). Any genre really. Whatever you like. I (almost) promise to give everything a try

message 3: by manuella (new)

manuella (manuella_banewood) | 26 comments Youngblood by 5SOS
Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid

message 4: by Nanou Nawel (last edited Apr 08, 2019 01:49PM) (new)

Nanou Nawel | 7 comments Liberté by Soolking feat. Ouled El Bahdja


Goulili Alache by Chemsou Freeklane


⭐Anni⭐ (Book Princess) (annithebookprincess) | 621 comments Ruelle - War of Hearts:
Raign - Don't let me go:
Sam Tinnesz - When the Truth Hunts You Down:

Some of my fav artists/songs. I mostly listen to indie music these days, and I love songs that have this epic, cinematic feel to them.

message 8: by Karin (last edited Apr 07, 2019 03:19PM) (new)

Karin Humour and only 2 minutes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G84i...

Canadian groups with hits from my youth (rock/pop)

It was all I could do to only give you 2 or 3 but I understand.!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE music and it's a passion at our house--I teach piano, one of my daughters plays tenor sax at church and my son is majoring in classical trumpet performance in college and we all used to sing around the house and I played them a wide variety of stuff when they were little....plus I'm now taking voice lessons for fun.

I have VERY eclectic tastes and like a wide variety of music, but there is plenty I don't like, too.

message 9: by Aubrey (new)

Aubrey | 3 comments Medicine - Harry Styles
Lava Lamps- Maty Noyes
These Days - Wallows

message 10: by Chris (new)

Chris Gager (chrisinmaine) | 62 comments Roland the Thompson Gunner by Warren Zevon

message 12: by Lyndsey (new)

Lyndsey (lyndsreads) | 28 comments now is the time by Atreyu

message 13: by Chris (new)

Chris Gager (chrisinmaine) | 62 comments Fool in the Rain - Led Zep

message 14: by Stefania (new)

Stefania Ioana | 35 comments Stuck with me - The neighborhood

message 15: by Amelia (new)

Amelia | 53 comments Au/Ra - Scary Love (The NBHD cover)


Allie X - That's So Us

Banks - Underdog

message 16: by Francesca (new)

Francesca | 3 comments Bartholomew - The Silent Comedy
The World Retreats - David O'Dowda

message 17: by Pam (new)

Pam Carmichael | 154 comments Anything with Steve Perry and Journey, love them

message 18: by Brooke H (new)

Brooke H (spookybrooke02) | 2 comments I love so many artist’s songs, so I’ll just name the first 3 or 4 artists that come to mind 😂
Any song by Alec Benjamin; I cant pick a favorite because I literally love everything he comes out with!!
Anything by Why Don’t We!!!!! (Again I love all their songs 😂 they actually just released a new one, like, today 😆)
Sabrina Carpenter’s songs are great (in fact she just dropped a new album this month- the second part to the one she dropped previous to this one!)
And there’s this band that I just recently discovered called The Driver Era that I really like (though I love all their songs they’ve come out with, I recommend Preacher Man, Low and Afterglow)🤷🏻‍♀️

message 19: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (snicketypicket) The Girl from Ipanema: Antônio Carlos Jobim
Mercy Mercy Me: Marvin Gaye
A Day in the Life: The Beatles

message 20: by Dove (new)

Dove (x1f451laetitiax1f451) darkside
blood in the water
- grandson

⭐Anni⭐ (Book Princess) (annithebookprincess) | 621 comments @Laetitia ohh I love Blood//water!

I also recommend
-River by Bishop Briggs
-Rollin by Lea Santee

message 22: by Tarabite (new)

Tarabite | 13 comments If You Want Love by NF.
Far From Perfect by Rise Against.
Broken Heart by Escape The Fate.
So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold.

message 23: by J.J. (new)

J.J. | 41 comments Rage Against the Machine song Know Your Enemy https://youtu.be/4smim2MNvF8
Pantera song Walk https://youtu.be/AkFqg5wAuFk
Metallica song One https://youtu.be/WM8bTdBs-cw

message 24: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (niceyackerman) | 307 comments I have eclectic music tastes. This is “Celestial Soda Pop” by my favorite artist.


message 25: by Aakash (new)

Aakash (aakashthedreamer) | 72 comments Leah wrote: "Senorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello
This is the link to the lyrics video!
Hope you like it like I did!"

Yeah, that is really a great song. I would suggest the same.

message 27: by nat (new)

nat (giannaallister) sabrina carpenter’s albums singular act I and singular act II

message 28: by Nanou Nawel (new)

Nanou Nawel | 7 comments Leah wrote: "Senorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello
This is the link to the lyrics video!
Hope you like it like I did!"

Yeah, I listen to it all day long. It's my favourite song. All songs by Camila Cabello are awsome !

message 29: by J.J. (new)

J.J. | 41 comments Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots


message 30: by Maritina (new)

Maritina Mela (maritinamela) | 16 comments - Lola Marsh - She's a rainbow
- Poets of the fall - Partir avec moi
- Ghost - If you have ghosts

Tell me if you checked out any of them :)

message 31: by Catherine (new)

Catherine | 392 comments Maritina wrote: "- Lola Marsh - She's a rainbow
- Poets of the fall - Partir avec moi
- Ghost - If you have ghosts

Tell me if you checked out any of them :)"

She should, those are great songs by great artists!

message 32: by J.J. (new)

J.J. | 41 comments Over Everything by Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vilehttps://youtu.be/3KNsBCf34fQ?list=RD3...

message 33: by J.J. (new)

J.J. | 41 comments The Pot (Tool cover) by Brass Against


message 34: by J.J. (new)

J.J. | 41 comments Fade Into You by Macy Star


message 35: by J.J. (new)

J.J. | 41 comments The Man Who Sold The World by Nirvana


⭐Anni⭐ (Book Princess) (annithebookprincess) | 621 comments I'm currently obsessed with this song Horns by Bryce Fox


message 37: by Aliena (new)

Aliena Jackson (alienajackson) I’m in love with When
Am I Gonna Lose You?
by Local Natives


message 38: by Sam (new)

Sam (olivedxn) | 105 comments Don't hate me but I am in LOVE with Taylor Swifts latest song.
Check out Lover everyone!!

⭐Anni⭐ (Book Princess) (annithebookprincess) | 621 comments @Sravani yess Monster and Beating Heart are amazing! I don't know the third. But basically anything by Imagine Dragons!

message 40: by LittleRedRidingHood (last edited Aug 26, 2019 02:31AM) (new)

LittleRedRidingHood | 1 comments ➡ Ghost in the Machine by The Fire and the Sea
➡ So Close by Olafur Arnalds & Tarnor Dan
➡ Devils Side by Foxes (she has this song in an acustic version too and in my opinion is even better then the official track)
➡ Beggin for Thread by Banks (my latest obssession, interestingly I found this one on recommendation, I never heard of her before)


message 41: by Christine (new)

Christine Hatfield  (christinesbookshelves) | 46 comments Oldies songs and Motown songs

The Batman (Reagan) (thebatman7424) Kiss from a Rose- Seal

message 43: by Sneha (new)

Sneha (lovegood19) False God by Taylor Swift

message 44: by Sneha (new)

Sneha (lovegood19) actually the whole lover album

message 45: by Lewis (new)

Lewis Honor (parzival1) | 352 comments all of AJR

message 46: by Lewis (new)

Lewis Honor (parzival1) | 352 comments BEST SOJGS EVER

The Batman (Reagan) (thebatman7424) Kiss From A Rose- Seal

message 48: by Sam (new)

Sam (olivedxn) | 105 comments Take Me Back to London by Ed Sheeran featuring Stormzy

message 49: by Sneha (new)

Sneha (lovegood19) Antisocial by Ed Sheeran (I think I can relate to the song)

I listened to Take Me Back To London and it's good 😊

message 50: by Sneha (new)

Sneha (lovegood19) Oh, I love those songs.

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