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Amanda | 1 comments Okay so this is gonna be iffy, sorry y’all:

I don’t remember when I read it but probably in the later 2000’s (like 2015- on). As I remember it the book starts out with the two young kids meeting and then they start sending little messages through a vent in their rooms (the rooms are “back to back”, only separated by a wall). They start going back and forth in the vent and become really good friends. Also their parents, like boy’s dad and girl’s mom or vise versa, are both doctors and become friends themselves. One day, they go outside to play and ((I don’t know if this is a real spoiler or not but SPOILER ALERT))

they go play on a hill and they both trip. The boy sees that the girl is falling towards a tree and he goes and grabs her, and holds her so that his back hits the tree and not her. She’s all okay but a little shook up and the boy isn’t moving. While the girl is distracted, he keeps rolling down the hill just into a little stream and drowns. Also in the SPOILER area, it is shared that they both lost a friend in a Make a Wish program.

I’m pretty sure the book then goes into a POV kinda format and the first POV is of the girl. She’s in the hospital after a pancreas (?) injury/medical scare and her best friend is in a hospital room down the hall. A doctor comes in and gives her something in her eye so she can see better (like liquid context lenses?) and says that he should give some to her bestie. She advises that inside of putting it directly into her eyes, he should flick it instead.

And that’s all I remember. Hope you guys can help me out :) was

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