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message 1: by David (new)

David | 788 comments Making my way from Dundee’s Dens Park laye afternoon yesterday (a scrappy but welcone 2-0 win) towards the railway station, and the obligatory pre-departure pint, I spotted a poster for this, and was horrified to see that last night was indeed the last night of the production.

I really must keep up to speed with what’s going on around me.

A pity about Albion’s defeat, Nigey, but it would have been fun while it lasted, I’m sure.

message 2: by Nigeyb (last edited Apr 07, 2019 02:51AM) (new)

Nigeyb | 3802 comments Mod
Yes, no shame in losing to Man City but Albion worked hard enough to get something out of the game. Sadly, hard working and industrious usually doesn't triumph against one of the most expensively assembled squads of all time. Back to the relegation dogfight now.

Plus, of course, quarter final last season, semi final this season, so - obviously - Final next...

Sorry to hear that you missed Gaslight. I really enjoyed seeing a production of the play a year or two back. It's still obvious to understand why it was such a massive theatrical hit for our man Patrick.

message 3: by David (new)

message 4: by Nigeyb (last edited Oct 08, 2019 01:30PM) (new)

Nigeyb | 3802 comments Mod
Thanks David - very interesting

I saw a revival in Brighton a couple of years back with Keith Allen of all people in the role of the policeman

It was surprisingly good.

The play still works surprisingly well.

Here's a (not very good) review....

message 5: by David (new)

David | 788 comments Crikey, there’s a writer who got The Bumper Family Sack Of Exclamation Marks for Festivus a decade ago.

Sadly, The Guardian link’s comments on Facebook has plunged straight to a shouting match along gender lines. Who’d have thought?

0240, Dombey and Son just about completed for the second time, Dexter Gordon on Spotify and no sign of sleep. The life of Riley’s distant cousin, Fitzriley the insomniac.

message 6: by Nigeyb (new)

Nigeyb | 3802 comments Mod
David wrote: "The life of Riley’s distant cousin, Fitzriley the insomniac"


With that plethora of delights I'm not surprised sleep feels unnecessary David

message 7: by David (new)

David | 788 comments A propos my ongoing obsession with the POW experience from 1939-45, my current reading is Midge Gillies’s ‘The Barbed-Wire University’. Gillies relates how POWs, especially in Europe, dealt with the scourge of boredom, almost as debilitating for detainees as the lack of food.

In Oflag VIIB (Eichstätt, near Nuremberg), enterprising officers, with theatrical and classical music backgrounds, “put on more ambitious plays” - Noel Coward’s insipid ‘Post Mortem’ wasn’t terribly well received - “including ‘Gaslight’, a favourite in many camps”. Blimey.

message 8: by Nigeyb (new)

Nigeyb | 3802 comments Mod
Wonderful. Thanks David. It is still a great play and I can quite see how a POW version would be a fun diversion from the tedium.

How did they get hold of the scripts?

message 9: by David (new)

David | 788 comments There were very good links with the UK via the Red Cross and universities (a good number of POWs studied for university awards whilst incarcerated), so they were able to obtain books, musical instruments etc. In some camps, Kommandanten were quite enlightened and made concessions (but not generally for theatrical costumery which ran the danger of being used to aid escape).

It was still a very tough and uncertain llfe, of course, especially in the Far East, but any distraction from the hardship and hunger was welcomed. We owe them gratitude.

message 10: by Nigeyb (new)

Nigeyb | 3802 comments Mod
Thanks David - and yes we do

message 11: by David (new)

David | 788 comments A long long psycholigical discourse on gaslighting which appeared in my news feed today, and which credits our man’s drama in giving the behaviour a name. Having read quite a bit of it, it is insightful and seems free of extraneous technical terminology.

Good pic too.

message 12: by Nigeyb (new)

Nigeyb | 3802 comments Mod
Thanks David - I've saved the article and will properly scrutinise it later today

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