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Karen (xkamx) | 265 comments Set for 2019 -- Level four (Sleuth Extraordinaire), 40 cozy mysteries -- version "A" (read what I read and see where they fall for "B")

I know I will not try to read according to "B" -- I like reading what I want when I want too much. Though, I'll see where they fall and will list sub-genres to see if I hit the "B" goals. I most likely won't because I don't really read Historical mysteries. Also, most of the series I read take place in the US (though there was one I started last year that takes place in a village in England, hmmm...).

Anyway... I'm Level Four (Sleuth Extraordinaire)
A) Read 40 cozy mysteries of your choice
B) Read two books from each sub-genre in level one plus an additional 20 cozy books of your choice (total of 40 books)

B categories (two each; plus 22 of anything):
* Culinary (restaurants, baked goods, etc.)
* Animal-related (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)
* Craft-related (knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, etc.)
* Paranormal (witches, vampires, etc.)
* Series based outside the US
* Career-based cozy mystery (housekeeping, wedding planner, etc.)
* Holiday-based (set during any holiday)
* Travel mystery (character could be on a cruise, touring another area, etc.)
* Historical mystery (any mystery not set in the present)
- Freebies (22 total)

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Karen (xkamx) | 265 comments The start of my 2019 list... I am behind for the year. :o(

1. Kylie Logan - Mayhem at the Orient Express (190119) [B=Career-based]
YES! I finally finished this book. I love Kylie Logan's Button Box series and the Pepper Martin series she writes under the pseudonym Casey Daniels. I've also read her Miranda Bliss Cooking Class series and have her other Kylie Logan series TBRed. I don't know why, but this book took me a while to get into. I think I had it going most of last year. I will read the rest of this series, but I may tackle the others first (fewer per series to go through at this point). It wasn't that this was a bad book; I just couldn't get into it. It wound up being good and I'm interested to learn the secrets of the main protagonist. It was just slow-go for me.

As with last year, I will be clearing some freebie TBR files as I do this challenge. (Easier said than done because I TBR items faster than I read them -- free is free after all.) I've been pretty lucky "collecting" for free most, if not all, entries in different series. I read an entire series (to date) by Emily James, the Maple Syrup Mysteries.

Nicole Fitzhenry-Dawes is a twenty-something lawyer from Washington DC who works at her parents' (the Fitzhenry and Dawes from her hyphenated name!) high-powered law firm. Much to her -- and their -- dismay, though Nicole is good at what she does, she can't put two words together in front of a crowd. This makes appearing before a judge and jury difficult. She also has a problem defending people she knows are guilty.

We are introduced to Nicole in the prequel to the series, Sapped. In it, she finds her colleague and boyfriend is married -- and, she finds out when the liar's wife is murdered and he, then she, is suspected. Sapped has Nicole trying to clear her and her now ex-boyfriend of murder charges. In the first book of the series, A Sticky Inheritance, Nicole finds out she's inherited from her uncle a farm in the tourist town of Fair Haven, Michigan. Uncle Stanley Dawes, a heart surgeon, retired to Fair Haven and started a maple syrup business. Though estranged from Nicole's father, he and Nicole stayed close and spoke at least weekly. Nicole is happy to get away from DC and the events of Sapped and sets off to Michigan, contemplating a career change. When she arrives and finds the cause of Stan's death is listed suicide, she disagrees and decides to find out what really happened. Yep, Uncle Stan was murdered.

Nicole starts working the maple syrup business and settling into the small town -- and coming across dead bodies, which makes being a lawyer come in handy at times. We're introduced to the local police, the people who work the business, and other townspeople, including the handsome Dr. Mark Cavanaugh, the town's medical examiner (and his family). Though each is a stand-alone story, there's a thread started in A Sticky Inheritance that runs through the rest of the stories, ending with End of the Line. So...
2. Emily James - Sapped (190129) [B=Culinary, Career-based]
3. Emily James - A Sticky Inheritance (190130) [B=Culinary, Career-based]
4. Emily James - Bushwhacked (190206) [B=Culinary, Career-based, Animal-related]
5. Emily James - Almost Sleighed (190207) [B=Culinary, Career-based]
6. Emily James - Murder on Tap (190208) [B=Culinary, Career-based]
7. Emily James - Deadly Arms (190209) [B=Culinary, Career-based]
8. Emily James - Capital Obsession (190210) [B=Culinary, Career-based, Travel]
9. Emily James - Tapped Out (190212) [B=Culinary, Career-based]
10. Emily James - Bucket List (190222) [B=Culinary, Career-based]
11. Emily James - End of the Line (190222) [B=Culinary, Career-based]
This was a fun series. (See below for more...)

12. Kaitlyn Dunnett - Overkilt (190330) [B=Career-based]
Yes... I'm still reading them. I have to say after a very rough start with this series, the last few books have been enjoyable reads and though I'm not champing at the bit for next one, I will be reading it.

13. Lorna Barrett - Poisoned Pages (190331) [B=Career-based]
14. Emily James - Slay Bells Ringing: A Murder Mystery Duet (190407) [B=Culinary, Career-based]
This two-story book features both of Ms. James' protagonists, Nicole Fitzhenry-Dawes (Maple Syrup) and Isabel Addington. Nicole features in Unsilent Nights. Isabel, who stars in Ms. James' Cupcake Truck series, is featured in Ginger Dead Man.

The good news is that in the author's note at the end of the book, Ms. James says that there will be more books featuring Nicole Fitzhenry-Dawes. I thought the series was over with End of the Line (and Unsilent Night). It's not, YAY!

As for the other... Isabel is the owner-operator of a traveling cupcake food truck. The character is first introduced in the Maple Syrup mystery, End of the Line when Nicole befriends and hires her. Ginger Dead Man takes place between that story and the first official Cupcake Truck mystery, Sugar and Vice.

So far there's only one book in the newer series, but I'm interested in reading it and the series because I'm intrigued with Isabel's back story. She's on the run and hiding from her abusive husband, who is in law enforcement. The truck is a way for her to earn money while being mobile. She assists Nicole in solving the case in End of the Line. Nicole is the only one who knows her secret and the two stay in touch. Because of her problem, she needs to be invisible. Obviously, this makes solving murders difficult since she doesn't want to stand out and can't really deal with the police for fear that her location is revealed to her (ex??) husband.

Well, that's my start. I guess I'm not as behind as I thought. If I average one book a week to hit 40+, I'd be at 14 by the end of this week and I am. Yay!

In the queue...
* I am a couple behind in Kate Carlisle's Bibliophile series. With the latest coming in June, I want to catch that up.
* I still have the last two of Laura Levine's Jaine Austen Mysteries to read before the new one hits in September.
* Cleo Coyle's (aka Alice Kimberly) The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller
* The latest eight!! of Addison Moore's Murder in the Mix (Lottie Lemon) mysteries
* Christy Murphy's Mango Cake and Murder is started, but is my Kindle02 book and I rarely pick up Kindle02. Though, I do need to finish this book. I was enjoying it. (Maybe a move to Nook01!)
* Kylie Logan's Ethnic Eats, Chili Cook-off, and Jazz Ramsey series before getting back to her League of Literary Ladies series.

Plus, anything that comes up!


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Britney (tarheels) | 650 comments Mod
You are doing great. Right where you should be. You'll be done before you know it

message 4: by Karen (new)

Karen (xkamx) | 265 comments Britney wrote: "You are doing great. Right where you should be. You'll be done before you know it"

Thanks, Brittney. I appreciate the support!

I got hooked on contemporary romances a few years ago. Before then, my reading was probably 90% mystery and 10% other. Now, that's backwards. Through the date of the posting above, i'd read 120 items. Only 14 have counted toward this challenge. (That's how I fell behind with my regular series. Well that, and the fact that I keep finding new ones to add to my evergrowing list of TBRs!)

I love this challenge because it makes me read mysteries, which I still do love. And, it's not that I should have to be forced to read them, but I sort of do these days. :o)

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Karen (xkamx) | 265 comments Update... Though still being distracted, the good news is that I'm ahead of the curve for this year's challenge. I have only 8 more to go to hit the minimum. YAY ME!

I started catching up on favorite series that fell by the wayside. Of course, I'm only caught up "to date." New books are headed to bookstores in the next few months. Oh well, at least I'll never want for something to read.

Getting behind is forcing me to be a binge reader! My catch-22. I like being caught up on series, but there's something about reading several of the same series at a time. But, I hate being behind... Anyway, here's what I've read since the last update.

With the latest hitting shelves this month -- Tuesday, in fact, I caught up Kate Carlisle's Bibliophile series. This is one of my absolute favorite series.
15. Kate Carlisle - Books of a Feather (190420) [B=Career-based]
16. Kate Carlisle - Once Upon a Spine (190422) [B=Career-based]
17. Kate Carlisle - Buried in Books (190425) [B=Career-based]

Then... A new entry in Emily James' Maple Syrup Mysteries came out...
18. Emily James - Rooted in Murder (190430) [B=Culinary, Career-based]
I still haven't found James' Cupcake Truck mystery, Sugar and Vice in e-format (other than Kindle Unlimited, which I don't have). The book is in paperback, but I hope she issues it for sale as an e-book -- and soon!

My first book of the year was Kylie Logan's Mayhem at the Orient Express. I had a hard time getting into it, but wound up enjoying it. I thought I'd read her other series before getting back to this one, but I didn't. I read all the League of Literary Ladies (to date). I like how Logan mirrors her mystery to the book the club is reading. Though it makes it somewhat easier to solve the mystery, she is really good at crafting interesting characters and stories around the mysteries that I don't care. Though there's one nutty character I could live without -- all cozies seem to have one! -- I came to really like everyone and I'm looking forward to more additions to the series. I hope they come.
19. Kylie Logan - A Tale of Two Biddies (190509) [B=Career-based, Holiday (Bastille Day)]
20. Kylie Logan - The Legend of Sleepy Harlow (190514) [B=Career-based]
21. Kylie Logan - And Then There Were Nuns (190516) [B=Career-based]
22. Kylie Logan - Gone with the Twins (190519) [B=Career-based]

I took a look at what I'd loaded on my e-readers and found I needed to catch up my Jenn McKinlay series. I was pretty good about keeping up with the Cupcake Bakery series, but was a couple behind. I started the Library Lovers series when it came out, but only read two before getting hooked by other series. I've had the Hat Shop series TBRed since it came out. So... I decided to catch up those series. To that end...
23. Jenn McKinlay - Caramel Crush (190522) [B=Culinary, Career-based]

Though I read them when they came out, I knew if I started catching up the series, I'd read them again, so I started the Library Lovers series at book 1.
24. Jenn McKinlay - Books can be Deceiving (190523) [B=Career-based]
25. Jenn McKinlay - Due or Die (190525) [B=Career-based]
26. Jenn McKinlay - Book, Line, and Sinker (190526) [B=Career-based]
27. Jenn McKinlay - Read it and Weep (190526) [B=Career-based]
28. Jenn McKinlay - On Borrowed Time (190527) [B=Career-based]
29a. Jenn McKinlay - A Likely Story (190527) [B=Career-based]
29b. Jenn McKinlay - An Unlikely Meeting (190527) [B=Career-based] -- This was a short (about 15 pages) "extra" that detailed how Lindsey hired her newest employee. Though it was included at the end of A Likely Story, GoodReads has a separate listing for it. Since it's a short story, I don't count it as a full "read" for this challenge.
30. Jenn McKinlay - Better Late Than Never (190529) [B=Career-based]
31. Jenn McKinlay - Death in the Stacks (190530) [B=Career-based] -- Both the Cupcake Bakery and Hat Shop crews had cameos in this book. It will be interesting to see if a trip to Briar Creek comes up in those series. Based on what's said in this book, I know where in the timeline this trip should fall for each series. I'll be looking for the references. ;o)
32. Jenn McKinlay - Hitting the Books (190602) [B=Career-based]
I'm now up to date on this series -- until September, of course. Like everything McKinlay writes, this series is a fun, sometimes funny, and interesting read. I like the characters and can't wait to see more.

Working on (or will be!):
* I've already started Jenn McKinlay's Wedding Cake Crumble. After Dying for Devil's Food, it's on to the Hat Shop series.
* That, of course, will be interupted by Kate Carlisle's The Book Supremacy -- YAY, Tuesday!
* I still (yes, still!) have the last two of Laura Levine's Jaine Austen Mysteries to read before the new one hits in September.
* Cleo Coyle's (aka Alice Kimberly) The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller
* The latest twelve!! of Addison Moore's Murder in the Mix (Lottie Lemon) mysteries. ACK, they're coming so fast! That's the bad thing -- as you catch up one series, you're falling behind on another. Still, I'd rather have too much to read than nothing.
* Still not picking up K02, nor have I moved the book to a reader I use more often, so Christy Murphy's Mango Cake and Murder is still sitting there unfinished.
* I still want to read Kylie Logan's Ethnic Eats, Chili Cook-off, and Jazz Ramsey series, but have no idea when I'll get to them.
* And, there are new series I've started "collecting" in e-TBR files.

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Karen (xkamx) | 265 comments Adding to my list. Not a lot of cozies since my last update, but every one gets me closer to the goal.

33. Jenn McKinlay - Wedding Cake Crumble [B=Culinary, Career-based] (190707)
34. Jenn McKinlay - Dying for Devil's Food [B=Culinary, Career-based] (190707)
These catch me up on the Cupcake Bakery series until next year.

35. Kate Carlisle - The Book Supremacy [B=Career] (190710)
Love this series!! I wish the title of the book went more James Bond than Jason Bourne since Brooklyn purchased a Bond book for Derek, but... That aside. this was a great addition to the series and proof that cozy couples can be just as interesting as cozy singles! I loved all the action and intrigue -- and, the love. I can't wait for more from this series.

36. Juliet Blackwell - Bewitched and Betrothed [B=Paranormal, Career] (190804)
I was hoping this would be my last cozy of July, but it tuned out to be my first in August. Oh well... Is it bad that I love a lot of different cozy series?? This, too, is one of my favorites. Though the mysteries (as scary and paranormal as they get!) are good, what keeps me coming back to the series is the characters. I am never disappointed with both actually, stories and characters.

Four more to hit the minimum. Yay me! -- though, I do feel a bit inadequate when I see the numbers of cozies others in this level have read. ;o)

Next up...
* Currently a few chapters in with Cleo Coyle's (aka Alice Kimberly) The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller

Then (and still!!)...
* Yes, the last two of Laura Levine's Jaine Austen Mysteries are still on the list. The new one hits in September, so these may be my "next-ups."
* I'm wait-listed for Victoria Laurie's Fated for Felony
* Jenn McKinlay - Hat Shop series, which would catch me up on all McKinlay's (and pseudonym's) series.
* Addison Moore's Murder in the Mix (Lottie Lemon) mysteries, now up to 16!

And, after seeing what people have listed and talked about here and on other boards, I've added a couple of series -- old and new -- to my TBR-soon. Funny, they're all paranormal. Wonder when I'll get to them. :o)
* Heather Blake's Wishcraft series. -- This is one I started when it came out. I fell behind. I prefer her Magic Potions series (three and done???), but want to catch this one up.
* Bailey Cates' Magical Bakery series -- Another I started and fell behind on. The newest comes this month. Not sure I'll catch up that fast, but...
* Kathleen Brooks' Moonshine Hollow
* Nancy Warren's Vampire Knitting Club

What I may need to do is stop "collecting" new books to read and concentrate on what I have -- like that will happen.

'Til next time, back to the books.

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Karen (xkamx) | 265 comments Another not-quite-so-monthly update...

Still reading up a storm, with the bulk still being contemporary romance. Still, I love my mysteries!

37. Victoria Laurie - Fated for Felony [B=Career] (190815)
Love this series!!

38. Laura Levine - Death of a Bachelorette [B=Career] (90818)
39. Laura Levine - Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge [B=Career] (190824)
This catches me up to the current book, Death of a Gigolo, due in a week or two. I used to love this series. Now... I like it, but not as much as I used to. Parts of the books are still laugh-out-loud funny and the mysteries are good; I just sometime wish the black cloud over Jaine's head would clear now and then when it comes to her professional and romantic lives. Oh well... There was a cop in Scrooge that I thought could be a new love interest, but nothing seemed to come of it by the end of the book. Guess I'll see what happens in the next one. I still recommend the series. Not all are winners, but the greater majority are.

40. Cleo Coyle (Alice Kimberly) - The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller [B=Career, Paranormal] (190902
This is the latest in the Haunted Bookshop series. There were nine long years between this and the previous entry. The mix of noir detective (from the Ghost, a murdered PI) and modern amateur is still fun. I've missed this series and I hope the author continues it.

41. Rita Lakin - Getting Old Can Hurt You [B=Freebie because it doesn't fit any of the other categories] (190906)
This is book 8 in the Gladdy Gold series. Gladdy is in her 70's and lives in a retirement community. She and her gang -- her sister and several other residents -- take cases as amateur detectives. The mysteries are involving and the stories are good. There were seven years between this book and the last, and I don't remember the tone of the others being as "mean" as this one seemed to me. Since it's been 8 years since I last read about Gladdy and crew -- and I'm not that invested to go back to check the other books at this point-- maybe it is the same and I just need to get back into the author's writing style again. I have the next book, Getting Old Will Haunt You, on my list.

42a. Tonya Kappes - A Charming Fatality [B=Career, Paranormal] (190910)
42b. Tonya Kappes - A Charming Death (do us part) [B=Career, Paranormal] (190911)
Yep... I'm back to this series. Since A Charming Death (do us part) is a short story bridging two books and doesn't have a murder, I won't count it as a full entry for this challenge. I've started book 8, A Charming Ghost, and hope to catch up the rest (five more entries to date) this year.

YAY... That puts me just over the minimum with three months to go -- though holiday time slows reading. I am NOT going to hit the "B" version goals, but maybe I'll hit 50+ cozies this year.

As with y'all I'm sure, my "next up" list changes with what becomes available and what catches my eye. For now, next up:
Currently started on various readers:
** Tonya Kappes' A Charming Ghost
** Rita Lakin's Getting Old Will Haunt You
** Jenn McKinlay's Word to the Wise
** Christy Murphy's Mango Cake and Murder -- still sitting there unfinished

Coming soon:
** Laura Levine's Death of a Gigolo

On the "next read" list
** The rest (to date) of Tonya Kappes' Magical Cures series

Still want to get to:
** Jenn McKinlay's Hat Shop series
** Addison Moore's Murder in the Mix (Lottie Lemon) series
** Heather Blake's Wishcraft series
** Bailey Cates' Magical Bakery series
** Kathleen Brooks' Moonshine Hollow series
** Nancy Warren's Vampire Knitting Club series
AND... everything else in my TBR boxes/files!

Donna (weegraydog) (weegraydog) | 551 comments Good for you, Karen--you're already passed your goal! Yup, I have five more to go, so I should be able to make it, and hopefully add a few more before the end of the year!

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Karen (xkamx) | 265 comments Okay... so I was out perusing the board, catching up on postings (and avoiding clearing the table and cleaning the dining room -- and, well, posting an update myself) and figured I'd get it over with and just post. The holidays will keep my busy, so may as well catch up (and avoid) while I can. :o)

Actually, there's not a lot to add in this update. Still reading, but the bulk has not been mysteries.

Finished up the Tonya Kappes Magical Cures on N1. There is one more out (until February) that I need to get moved to the reader to be current with this series.

43. Tonya Kappes - A Charming Ghost [B=Career, Paranormal] (190914)
44. Tonya Kappes - A Charming Hex [B=Career, Paranormal] (190922)
45. Tonya Kappes - A Charming Voodoo [B=Career, Paranormal] (190924)
46. Tonya Kappes - A Charming Corpse [B=Career, Paranormal] (191001)
47. Tonya Kappes - A Charming Blend [B=Career, Paranormal] (191006)
This was a crossover story featuring Kappes' Magical Cures and Killer Coffee series, which was the next of her series I was going to read (at some point!). It was set in the Magical Cures world of Whispering Falls and Locust Grove, Kentucky. It was a good introduction to Roxie Davis, protagonist of Killer Coffee. However, it contains "spoilers" because it comes a few books into that series. No matter. It was fun and a pretty good mystery. (I think Roxie has a bit of magic in her, too!)

Then, I finally moved the first book in Christy Murphy's Mom and Christy series to N1. So, when I finished what Magical Cures I had on that reader, I (re)started book1 -- and, finally finished it!!! (Now I'll have to find something else to sit started on K2.)
48. Christy Murphy - Mango Cake and Murder [B=Culinary, Career-based] (191028)
49. Christy Murphy - Apple Pies and Alibis [B=Culinary, Career-based] (191111)
50. Christy Murphy - Milkshakes and Murder [B=Culinary, Career-based] (191113)
I'm really enjoying this series. The mysteries are okay, but it's really the characters that make the series for me. There are times I laugh out loud at what Christy thinks or says. I love her mother's antics. I've started book04, Mocha and Murder, and plan to finish off the series to date. Fun! Fun! Fun!

That's it for now.

In the pipe...
* Books 4-7 of Mom and Christy to bring me current with this series
* I've started Rita Lakin's Getting Old Will Haunt You (N2), but after the last one, I'm not that enthused to read it. I will get back to it, but...
* A Charming Misfortune to bring me up to date with Magical Cures

Then (or while!)...
* Victoria Laurie's Fated for Felony
* Laura Levine's Death of a Gigolo
* Jenn McKinlay's Word to the Wise
* Addison Moore has started a new mystery series, Country Cottage. I'm already three behind there. And, I haven't gotten back to her Murder in the Mix (Lottie Lemon) series as of yet.

Guess I'll see where the books lead me!

That's it for now. I guess it's back to clearing and cleaning.

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Karen (xkamx) | 265 comments Finished last night (okay, early this morning). Woo-hoo! (Guess I should have avoided -- at least a few hours. Yay procrastination!)

51. Christy Murphy - Mocha and Murder [B=Culinary, Career-based] (191114)

Other stuff holds. :o)

Christina/ The Blog for Teachers, Readers, & Life! | 8 comments Karen wrote: "Finished last night (okay, early this morning). Woo-hoo! (Guess I should have avoided -- at least a few hours. Yay procrastination!)

50. Christy Murphy - [book:Mocha and Murder|..."

Congratulations, Karen! :)

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Karen (xkamx) | 265 comments Had to edit two posts... As I was entering my books into GoodReads, I found I left one off the list (book 44). I inserted it and adjusted the numbering in that and the next postings.

This is the final post for the 2019 Reading Challenge...

I wanted to finish my 2019 reading a cozy. I started and finished one and started another. I would have finished it too except for the nap(s) and dinner and TV-watching and internet ADD! Sadly -- and happily -- the "another" will be my first book of 2020.

So, my final cozy reads of 2019:
52. Christy Murphy - Coconuts and Crooks [B=Culinary, Career-based] (191120)
53. Christy Murphy - Honey Buns and Homicide [B=Culinary, Career-based] (191121)
54. Christy Murphy - Marshmallows and Murder: A Comedy Cozy Mystery [B=Culinary, Career-based] (191125)

This catches me up on the Mom and Christy series, to date. There hasn't been an addition to the series since 2018, but I do hope there's more. They're fun and funny, with interesting characters.

Finally, I pulled out N2 thinking I'd started a book on it. I hadn't and saw this cover sitting on the start page. I clicked... Oh, I've read it before... Oh well, I liked it before so I read it again. It turned out to be my last book of 2019.

55. Kari Lee Townsend - Peril for Your Thoughts [B=Paranormal, Career-based] (191231)

That's it. Fifty-five (well, 55 and 1/2!!) cozies for 2019.

Did I hit the "B" version of the challenge (two of each category + freebies)? Not surprisingly, I did not -- though I'm really good at the freebies! :o)

What I was short:
* Animal-related -- one of two (unless a slobbering dog from next door that terrifies the germaphobe protagonist counts)
* Craft-related -- surprisingly none this year
* Series based outside the US -- zero of two; I don't think any of my current series are based outside the US. I did read one where the family traveled outside the US and solved a crime -- actually two, one was a cold case.)
* Holiday-based -- one of two
* Historical mystery-- zero of two; I don't think any of my current series are set in the past. However, how "present"is "present"? That is, is something set in the 80s or 90s or even 00s "historical"? I always think of "historical" as before 1900 (or maybe, up to the 1920s.)

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