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Tovi | 2 comments I can not remember any character names but the novel was set back in the day in what I believe was a dystopian world. most people worked in a job involving metal or woodworking. The main character was a girl who took care of herself and lived on her own I believe and worked in something like a saw mill or factory of some kind, it was hands on work. There was another male character in the book with whom the main character had a relationship, not necessarily super romantic, more like friends up until the end.
The town the main character lived in was surrounded by something similar to a forest, I’m not sure I just know it was a really dangerous place that no one ever went into for fear of losing their lives as the forest was filled with all kinds of dangerous creatures. It was I guess illegal or something to leave this place she lives in as there was a lot of sneaking around.
In terms of plot the main character actually spend 99% of the book in town, contrary to the synopsis which led me to believe she would venture out into that dangerous forest at least at the 75% mark in the book. It ends with the main character jumping, into said forest, a complete cliffhanger. Something happens where leaving her town makes going into the dreaded forest seem like a good idea, so that’s what she does.
Lastly, I remember the cover was dark and spooky, resembling the forest depicted in the book. The book title may have contained the word edge or end of...referring to the main character at the edge or end of something before jumping off into the forest.

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Kris | 32045 comments Mod
Toviyah, I notice your request is marked Solved. Did you find your book?

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Lobstergirl | 37536 comments Mod
Toviyah, please add some plot details to your header - this will help anyone in the future looking for the same book.

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