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message 1: by Hailey (new)

Hailey Sawyer | 3 comments Hello there. I'm looking for beta readers to provide feedback for the first four chapters of my first novel. The novel is called Kenji and Yuki: A Japanese Tale and it's a coming of age, romance, and fiction story that takes place in modern day Japan, specifically late 2016, and is geared towards western Young Adult and Adult audiences. Here's a little blurb I wrote for the novel:

Meet Yuki Sakamoto, an easily distracted sixteen year old girl who has been living in Shinjuku Japan ever since she left her Aunt Chizuko’s place in Nagoya six months prior. One night, she discovers a horrific secret in the abandoned apartment she’s currently staying at and reluctantly decides to leave the next day, as she has nowhere else to go for the night. As she spends time in different parts of Japan, such as Shinjuku, Ginza, and Denenchofu, she’ll have more misadventures than she can possibly imagine!

If you're interested in beta reading my novel, let me know in the comments below and I will send you a PM that'll give you more details about it. In your reply to the PM (not in the comments), please include your email address so I know where to send the chapters.

Thank you and have a nice day!

message 2: by S. (new)

S. Wharton (dreamsofmanga) | 1 comments I can beta read, but I also recommend finding a sensitivity reader as well. I will also say that it's too early to divide your book into chapters because the proper divisions for them can't be known if you haven't finished the book yet(Unless you have a very detailed outline). I will also say that it's better to name the book after you're finished because the current title may not be appropriate after all the revising. Hope that helps!

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