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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Read in elementary school 10+ years ago. Girl(Mexican??) falls out of tree becomes paralyzed. I think a man carried her around for a while, pretty sure she also got a bedsore. [s]

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Amanda Harrison | 3 comments I can’t get the feeling that “Tiger” was in the title, but all my searches bring up Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume and Tiger, Tiger. I remember a specific part in the book where after the girl is paralyzed she is living at home and one day she realizes her belly is big and round “like a pregnant lady” and the nurse has to come in and basically push her stomach to get all the poop out because she can’t expel on her own since being paralyzed. She eventually goes to some sort of hospital/rehab place and is really scared and nervous but I’m pretty sure she starts to be happy there?

Amanda Harrison | 3 comments Guys please I need help :-( I assume this was an older children’s book? Not quite kids but not quite teen/young adult (maybe young adult/coming of age?) the main character is just around puberty age, maybe 12-13. She’s playing out in the woods with a boy (brother/friend) and she slips off of a tree trunk, falls and breaks her back which leads to paraplegia. Her family is low income but take good care of her. Eventually she goes to a children’s “hospital” type deal and j remember it has a cast iron gate that she looks out of as her family walks away. Everyone’s really nice at this home and she gets the medical care that she needs and eventually ends up not being so sad about it. Most of the time in the hospital place she’s laying on her stomach on a gurney wheeling around. I am almost positive it’s set in Mexico, or at least somewhere South American.

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Ayshe | 4165 comments It seems you were close about tiger being in the title: Tiger's Fall?

Amanda Harrison | 3 comments Ayshe YES THAT IS IT!!! Omg thank you so much I have been searching everywhere for this book for years!!!!!

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