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I want to rp with someone who will do something with a foster kid. I know this is really quick but basically A is the foster kid who is being fostered by B's family and B becomes A's friend. A has a sort of sad background.

If you're interested, pm me so we can discuss it.

My rules:
-no swearing
-no sex or anything explicit
-only straight characters, please :)

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Okay! Yay! I'll start working on my character now. It doesn't have to be detailed if you don't want to.

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ok sounds good!

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Name: Autumn Lily Morgan
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/f1/9a/f2/f1...

Background history: Autumn has moved from home after home ever since she was five years old. She has never gotten the love she deserved by having a family who cared, until what seemed like the last recent home. Unfortunately, after having her with them for about two years, something complicated happened and she ended up in foster care again.

Autumn is quiet, kind, and tries to do her best with whatever comes her way. Some things scare her-such as when people yell, loud noises, and heights. Past families had made her scared of them.

She likes sweaters, eating Chinese food, likes pets, horseback riding.

Sometimes Autumn will cry when things overwhelm her, but she's not a baby.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((I will be on and off today, and I apologize XP Normally I'm not so busy.))

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Name: Todd Smith
Nickname: Toddy
Age: 17

Personality: Todd loves to get into trouble by doing crazy things like jumping from roof to roof on houses and skateboarding in dangerous places. He wants to have a motorcycle and love adventure and trying new things. He's very friendly and considered "the weirdest" from all his siblings. But he likes to have a good time and doesn't care what other people think of him. He also loves meeting new people and genuinely believes that everyone has good in them.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Okay I like it!! Who should go first?))

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Could you? i just need to finish up this assignment

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Autumn was sitting in the room waiting to meet her new family. She didn't know very much about them, but she did know they had a son about her age. She had a suitcase of all her belongings. Lots of clothes, a few special things that used to be her parents, besides others. She fiddled with her hands nervously. The social worker, Maggie, was sitting at the table, humming softly to herself and making sure all the foster papers were in front of her.
"It will be fine." Maggie assured her. "I've heard they are very nice."
Autumn nodded, smiling nervously. "I...I hope so." She glanced at the door every few minutes.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Oh and I forgot to ask, what time of year should it be? Like is school out or no?))

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(we could have this set in the summer)

Todd's mom was yelling at Tod and his brothers to get a move on and clean the house. "Come on!" she shouted, "they'll be here in half an hour and we want her to feel very welcome!" Todd and his brothers were running around cleaning and organizing all of their rooms. None of them were upset but determined to clean and make their new foster sister feel welcome since he knew their mom took it very seriously and was always wanting to help people in any way that she could.
"Look!" Todd's little brother Michael shouted and they all gathered at the window to see a car pulling into their driveway.
"Stop gawking," their mother said shoving them away from the window knowing they were curious but didn't want Autumn to feel awkward with them staring at her.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Maggie parked the car and turned to look back at Autumn.
"You ready?" She smiled. "If anything goes wrong, you can call me and talk with me, alright?" She opened her door and stepped out, then went around and got Autumn's things out from the trunk.
Autumn waited next to Maggie, then grabbed her pillow and smaller bag, walking up to the house together. Autumn was so nervous. What if they didn't like her, as it had seemed so at the other houses? Her stomach was full of butterflies.
Maggie smiled encouragingly at Autumn and rang the doorbell.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Okay!
How many brothers are there including Todd?))

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(Let's say three, I'll play michael the little one, and Todd and you can be the other one so that you're not stuck with one character)

Todd's mother Sarah went over to the door and answered it. "Hi you must be Autumn! Come on in!" she said as she opened the door. "I just made dinner but the boys will take your things to your new room. Todd! Michael! come help her put her stuff upstairs!" she called to them when Michael went and picked up one of the bags. "Hi nice to meet you!" he said giving AUtumn a big smile. He was 10 and normally didn't like talking to girls but he made an exception since she was their new sister and thought it would be fine.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Okay, and can you be both parents?))

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((What should the other kid's name be? I guess it depends on their ages.))

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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Autumn nodded at Sarah, smiling shyly and then gave Michael a hug. "Nice to meet you all, too."
Maggie smiled at the boys and gave them Autumn's things. She pulled some paper out of her own smaller bag and handed them to Sarah. "You can read these over later, they just are the foster papers. Well, I'll be going now and...hope you all have a good rest of the day!" She looked to Autumn, who nodded, then said goodbye and left. The door shut and Autumn was in her new home.
The last brother, David, was 15. He grinned at Autumn and picked up her last bag.
"Come on! Let's go!" He was usually very outgoing.
Autumn nodded, smiling a little again. She was so nervous. All of them were strangers to her!
David turned and started heading towards his new sister's room.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((I know Maggie left quickly but I don't know anything else about social workers so....))

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((XD oops sorry I can change it haha))

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Oh and last thing. Should the house be one story or two stories or split level, like a second story and a basement? Just so we both imagine the same type of idea!))

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(it's two strories since her room is upstairs. but it can have a basement if you want)

Sarah nodded and thanked Maggie, taking the papers and noting to read them later. "Alright every come sit down at the table, time to eat," she said as Todd was setting the table. He wasn't sure what to say for Autumn except for, "Hey, what's up?" only to realize how stupid that sounded and kept setting the table wondering why he felt awkward. He had never had a sister before and didn't really know how to act around her. Michael came down stairs and sat down in his spot. "You can sit by me Autumn," he offered and patted the chair next to him.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((okay. Let's just say it has a garage instead of a basement.))

David put everything in Autumn's room, then came down to the table. He sat down next to Todd's seat.

Autumn sat down beside Michael, thanking him. Then to Todd, she said, "Not much...Thank you for...um...yeah." Autumn blushed. She always had a hard time talking to her new families, no matter how used she was by now. She licked her lips and tugged on her braid, then asked Sarah, "Would you like any help with anything...?"

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(alright sounds good)

"Oh no, don't worry," Sarah said. "Besides the boys will help me if I need it." She said with a smile and went to the table and sat down at the edge of the table. "Go ahead and dig in," she said passing around a basket of rolls. Todd sat down not knowing what to ask and feeling like he didn't want to ask something stupid when Mikey asked, "So do you go to school?" Even Todd's mom seemed to be just a bit cautious since they didn't really know the full reason as to why Autumn was in foster care and they didn't want to ask the wrong thing.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Autumn took a roll gratefully and passed it to the next person. "Thank you, Mrs. Smith. Um...I'm in grade 10. I was...a year behind because of things with the foster care system...It was just all complicated, I guess." She waited for the next dish, not sure if she should be asking for anything. Her heart was pounding but she knew it was just nerves. This always happened. "I've...I've been in foster care since I was...five. My parents died in an accident." She said softly.

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Michael looked at Todd not knowing what to say when his mom answered, “I’m sorry for your loss autumn and I know we aren’t here to replace your parents but we’re here for anything you need,” she said passing some of the salad to Colby and Michael. “Eat your veggies if you want dessert,” she said eying them since she knew they often tried to get away with not eating them. “You’ll like it here,” Mikey said to his new sister. “We’ll have fun! I have lots of games and movies and even a skateboard!” he said with a mischievous smile since it was actually Todd’s skateboard.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} "It's alright." Autumn said. "I didn't really...I mean, it's been over a decade, so..." She smiled at Michael. "Thank you. I've never actually skateboarded before. No one ever had one at the houses so lived at."
David groaned but took only a few vegetables. He passed them to Todd. "Make sure to take some." He said, grinning.

Autumn sometimes glanced at Sarah, still very shy and nervous about her new family. But they seemed nice so far. She ate her food neatly, not making a mess like David, who kept dropping his lettuce on the table.

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Todd ate his food and then got up from the table and put his plate in the sink. He headed upstairs and Sarah shook her head then look at Michael. “Please stop playing with your food,” she told him seeing him crushing all of the celery pieces to mush. “There’s starving kids in Africa you know,” she said. Mikey looked up at her.
“Mom do you have an envelope? Send it to them,” he said pushing away the vegetables.
“You should be grateful to even have food you know Sarah said but didn’t stop him when he took his food to the trash. “He usually behaves better than this,” she said tob autumn. “What do you do... Anyways would you like some more?” she asked.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Autumn glanced at Todd when he left, then back at her plate.
David finished eating then took his dishes to the sink. Then he raced upstairs after Todd. He knocked on his brother's door.

"Um...no, thank you. It was very tasty." Autumn stood, pushing her chair backwards. She picked up her dish and went over to Sarah, seeing that she had finished her food. "Can I take your dishes?" She asked hesitantly.

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Todd was siting in his room playing on his guitar like he usually did after dinner. “Come in,” he said to his little brother when her heard him knock on the door.
Sarah looked at her and shook her head, “oh no i’ll take care of it,” she said standing up and taking the dishes. “Michael why don’t you show Autumn her room and show her around the house.” she said and Michael nodded getting up. “Follow me i’ll take you upstairs!” he said.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} David came in, shutting the door and sitting beside Todd on the bed. "What do you think of our new sister, Todd?" He grinned.

"Okay, th-thank you." Autumn said, following Michael. She looked around and constantly tugged at her braid, which was a nervous habit. She wasn't sure she wanted to do anything beside go to her room and be alone for a bit. All of this was new and scary. But she followed Michael anyway as he showed her around.

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"I mean she seems ok. But I don't think she likes it here," he said. "Honestly going from house to house you probably get tired of it. After a while you hate it everywhere. But I don't know, I'm not going to judge her I mean she seems nice...I guess," he said even though she hardly said anything during dinner. He knew she was probably nervous which made him wonder what she went through at her other homes. Must have been some bad experiences back then.

Michael led her upstairs when he started talking which he always did when he met someone. "So up here is all of our rooms. The one at the very end is the bathroom, that one is mine and across is David," he said when he pointed down the other side. "The big one at the other end is the game room with a tv and that's where your room and Toddy's room is," he said walking down that way. "Honestly your room is kinda boring since mom didn't want to paint it. But you can put up cool stuff if you want. I have a spider man poster and batman stuff. Do you like spider man?" he asked when he paused and changed the question, "do you like movies?"

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Aw Michael is so nice!))

David nodded thoughtfully. "I can't imagine what it would be like to go from home to home all the time. I think it would be was not to have a place to call home. You don't know when you're going to have to leave again. Must be kinda weird. But maybe after a few days she'll be okay." He listened to the guitar for a bit, sitting quietly.

Autumn nodded politely when he pointed out all of the rooms. "Spiderman is cool." She said softly. "I don't know a whole lot about him but I bet it would be strange to have powers like that. And I like movies, too. I haven't watched that many, though..."
They walked down the hall and she peeked into the game room. "Wow, that's big!" She said, smiling. "And I don't mind about the room. It's nice to have a room to myself."

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(( here i was thinking he was annoying XD ))

"I hope so, but don't count on her calling this home," he said. "I mean i'm sure she'll be nice but it's hard to call a place that you don't feel comfortable in your home." He stopped talking and started strumming on his guitar when he heard Michael and Autumn approach her room which was right across from his.

Michael smiled, "yeah he's awesome!" he said only to pretend to shoot webs and make 'pew pew' sounds. Then he stopped in front of her room. "Well here it is," he said pushing open the door. It was a bland white room with a simple bed and dresser and her bags were already on the floor by the closet. "I hope you like it," he said when he sat on her bed. "It's comfy," he said but didn't bounce or jump since his mom would hear and yell at him. Since he wasn't the best at reading people he had no idea if she wanted to be left alone or not.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Haha! XD))

"Yeah..." David nodded, falling silent as well. He sort of liked the idea of having a sister, but at the same time he didn't know how to act around a sister in the house. If she was staying for awhile he hoped that things would be okay and Autumn would feel comfortable.

Autumn smiled a little and stepped inside her bedroom, looking at her bags of clothes and then to the bed. She went over to it, pushing on it to test the squishiness. "It's very comfy!" She said, then hesitantly sat down next to her new brother. "What do you...do, most days?" She asked, pulling her knees up to her chin. She was sitting on the very edge of the bed. She wasn't good at conversation but she didn't want to make Michael feel like he needed to leave. After all, this was more his house and not hers yet.

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“Besides go to school?” Michael asked when he thought for a moment. “Honestly not much. I play video games with my brothers and sometimes I steal Toddy’s bike for a ride around the neighborhood. I mostly spend time here at the house since I don’t really have a whole lot of friends. Actually I don’t have any friends because kids at school think I’m weird. I guess I am a little weird. This one time we were dissecting a cow’s eye for science and I was messing with the jelly since it was so cool and yeah they think I’m weird for it. And I don’t like girls, I like Spider-man. I wish I was cool like spider-man,” he said when he looked at her. “What do you like to do?

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} "Eww!" Autumn chuckled a little. "Yeah, that's kinda nasty. But that's okay. I suppose there isn't a rule that says you can't like gross things. I think you're cool." She added, then looked over to her bags. "Well, I love reading. And drawing. I've gone horseback riding before, and that's pretty fun. Have you ever done that before?" She asked. She fiddled with a loose thread on her shirt.

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“No,” he said moving over so she could sit down beside him. This was her room after all and he didn’t want her to feel bad. “Horses are nice but they’re kinda scary,” he said. “Don’t they kick people and knock you down? Maybe I’ll try when I’m older,” he said when he saw Todd standing in the door way. “Hey! How long have you been standing there?”
Today rolled his eyes, “Long enough to hear your nasty story. He’s not bothering you is he?” he asked Autumn knowing how annoying Mikey could get. “If you ever get annoyed with him just kick him out, I do.”
“Meanie!” Mikey shouted tossing a pillow at him but Todd just laughed.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Autumn sat down beside him. "Horses aren't too bad. Sometimes they are a little skittish, but it depends on the horse, too."
She glanced up at Todd. "Oh, hello. No, he's not bothering me...it's fine." Autumn fidgeted slightly and then looked back at Todd. "How...are you?" She hoped that wasn't too lame of a thing to say.

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Michael stood up before Todd could answer and started pushing him out of the room. Or at least, he tried too. “It’s my turn to hang out with my sister so go away and come back later,” he said mad that Todd had called him annoying.
“Oh I’m fine. So far so good,” he said ignoring Michael when he shook his head and looked at him. “If you want me out you’ll have to do better than that shrimpo!”
“Shrimpo? Hey!” Michael said and shoved him before going back to sit down. “You’re mean!”
“Stop stealing my bike and I’ll leave you alone,” Todd said when Michael huffed in anger but Todd just lagged again.
“Don’t worry you get used to this,” Todd told Autumn.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} David wandered into the room and watched his brothers.
Autumn flinched a little when they started arguing, but she nodded at Todd. She hugged herself on the bed.
David tapped Michael on the shoulder. "Mike, not trying to be rude or anything, but maybe Autumn wants to get settled in. Put her things away. Maybe...we should give her some space." He suggested. "What do you think, Autumn?"
Autumn nodded. "O-okay. I guess so..."

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( i got the notification the first time, i just have work and have things going on so im not on all of the time )

Michael nodded, "Okay fine," he said in a bit of a whiny tone and left the room. He usually listened to David since David wasn't as much of a meanie as Todd was. He headed to the game room and turned on the tv.

Todd wondered if maybe he should leave her alone too. She was probably weirded out having three boys in the house with her. "Come on definitely let's leave her to unpack," he said when he started to walk out of the room. "Do you want the door open or closed?" he asked not really knowing how much she liked to keep to herself but from what he could tell she wasn't very social. Though he had actually expected that since she had probably been in some bad situations in the past.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Of course. Hopefully it wasn't too annoying.))

As he walked away, David punched Michael lightly in the shoulder. "Dude! Don't be a baby, she's brand new here. How would you feel if you were suddenly in a house full of strangers and they came into your room all talking at once?" He sat on the couch. "Let's play the Wii or something."

"You can...shut it, if you don't mind...I will be out in a bit." Autumn said, moving off the bed and to her bags. When Todd shut the door she unzipped each bag and started putting her clothes into the drawers. She took out a stack of some of her favorite books and set them on top of the dresser. Autumn then went through her different belongings and kicknacks; a thick notebook half filled, a bag of her different pencils and pens and a good eraser, a statue of a brown horse reading on its hind legs, and a few other things. The last thing Autumn took out was a beautifully framed picture of both of her parents. Both mother and father happened to have red hair, and her mother had a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. Her father wore a big smile in his fiery red beard and mustache. Seeing it made Autumn homesick, though she hadn't seen them for many years. She took it to the bed and lay down, staring at it. A few years rolled down her cheeks. She cried a little, trying to stop the sobs that came out of her. But yes, she was crying, holding the picture close to her and lying on her back, staring at the ceiling.

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( oh no! sorry i didn’t mean to sound rude. I wish i could be on more but it’s hard to find time )

Michael shook his head, “I would want them all to be my friends,” he said. “But you’re right. Do you think she likes it here?” he asked as he turned on the Wii to play Mario Kart or something fun for both of them. He would have invited Autumn to play but maybe she just wanted to be left alone. Miachael felt a little sad thinking about. “Do you think I’m annoying?” he asked.

Todd shut the door and waited wondering if she would be okay alone. Eventually he went back to his own feeling a bit uncomfortable only because he was starting to wonder if she would ever feel at home here. A part him told himself that it wouldn’t matter and that she may not even stay that all that long. But still, he felt bad and figured she probably felt as if she didn’t have a home. How many foster parents had she been through? He sighed trying not to think about when he closed his own door and started playing a song he used to sing with his dad when he was a kid.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((You weren't rude. XP I was just excited I guess!))

David sighed and picked up a Wii remote, pressing the button to turn it on. "I don't know. I hope she will. And I didn't mean to be rude. I don't think you're being annoying-at least not most of the time." He grinned, teasing his brother. "Just at least for the first couple days, don't bother her too much. Still be friendly, but not too pressuring." He glanced at his remote but it still hadn't turned on. "I need new batteries in this thing. Hang on a second." David set the remote on the couch beside him and stood, hurrying out of the room. On the way, he heard a noise from Autumn's room. She was crying. David wasn't sure what to do, so he hurried downstairs.
"Mom?" He asked, going over to her in the living room. "I think Autumn's crying. Should I...check on her or...you, or...?"

Autumn's face was tearstained and streaked. She faintly wondered if it was pathetic to miss people you barely remembered anyway. When they died she had been so little that it almost shouldn't have been that big of a deal now...or was it? It seemed so confusing. Across the hall she heard a sound coming from someone's guitar. Michael had told her that that was Todd's room. She sniffled and wiped her reddened eyes, and tried to listen to the music. Autumn thought it was pretty and gentle. But because of it, Autumn started crying again.
I really need to stop crying all the time. No one will love me if I'm just a big baby all the time.

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Michael nodded feeling a little bit better and hoped that Autumn didn't hate him but decided that his brother was telling the truth. He saw his brother get up and nodded, "I'll wait until you get back to start," he said waiting not even noticing that Autumn was crying since he couldn't hear it.

Meanwhile, their mom Sarah was sitting on the couch watching tv when her son approached her and she frowned. "Let me go talk to her. I think she's having a hard day right now. Thank you for telling me," she said when she stood up and headed upstairs and knocked lightly on the door before opening it and walking into the room. "Autum? Are you okay?" she asked when she saw that she had been crying for a little while now. " Do you want to talk about it? I know you don't really know me but we're here for you and I don't want you to feel like you're alone," she said sitting on the bed but not touching her to not make her uncomfortable.

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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} David nodded then went into the kitchen and got some batteries. He replaces the ones in the remote then hurried back upstairs, heading straight into the game room.
"Okay. Let's play Mario Kart. I wanna be Luigi. And can we try Rainbow Road?" He asked, sitting beside Michael. He didn't tell Michael about Autumn.

Autumn sniffled and sat up, looking down at the picture in her hands. She probably should talk. It would make her feel better. And do far she seemed a lot nicer than the other foster parents. Reluctantly, she nodded.
"I'm not trying to cry, I just...I don't know. I suppose I should be used to going from home after home by now, but I'm still not. It just gets overwhelming and..." Autumn shrugged a little, tears forming in her eyes again. "I've been at eleven different homes. Most of the time I was only there for close to a year, more or less, then...they sent me back to the foster system. I don't know why. I've always tried to be good and listen to everyone...I suppose they all just got tired of me." Autumn wiped the tears away and sniffled. "It's scary moving to a new place every few months. I don't know if they'll be ready for me or...anything. Or if I will be ready for them." She glanced at Sarah, then back at her parents' photograph. "Sorry, I didn't mean anything bad towards you, it's just..." She trailed off again before speaking. "They've all been nice so far. The boys, I mean. And you. I...I felt like every home I went to, everyone was snobby and kinda stuck up. Only one kid actually cared about me...but...that home didn't work out either." Autumn sighed and handed Sarah the picture of her parents. "These are my parents, Melissa and Adam. Is...is it bad to not really remember them? I feel like it's bad."

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