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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical Romance: Englishwoman forced by her Stepmother to marry in place of her Stepsister, marries a Scottish Laird

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Erin | 2 comments Hi All,

I read this book sometime between 2010 - 2013 give or take a year but no later than 2014. It's similar to Julie Garwood's The Secret but pretty sure she isn't the author.

The basic description is of an Englishwoman having to marry a Scottish Laird but she is forced to pretend to be her stepsister since her stepmother fears childbirth and after having her daughter never wanted to do it again and instilled that fear in her daughter. Stepmother's plan is to send her stepdaughter (main character) until she becomes pregnant and bears an heir, then have her secretly return home to give birth so her daughter can return in her place.

The father of the main character is living and some type of English nobility. Can't remember the reason but it is agreed that one of his daughters would marry a Scottish Laird and he picks his 2nd wife's child (maybe to spite the Stepmother since he needs a male heir but she won't share his bed because of her fear of childbirth?). But he is gone at Court when the Laird with other clansman comes to escort his bride to his keep and so is unaware of the deception.

The main character wears a bridal veil during the whole trip to the keep, which the Laird thinks is just a weird English tradition.

The Stepmother thinks she can get away with the plan because "all Scotsman are brutes and one woman is the same as the next to them," so he won't notice they are different women when her daughter returns in place of the stepdaughter (main character) with their child. She also has some secret/knowledge over the main character to force her obedience??

Random detail: one of the rooms in the English estate is a Solar Room and special to the main character.

Thanks for the help!

message 2: by Erin (new)

Erin | 2 comments Solved! The book is In Bed With A Stranger by Mary Wine.

How do I edit the title of my original post??

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