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Ellen | 2051 comments The lovely Kettle triplets, Gemma, Lynn and Cat, at 33-years-old are still trying to figure out their lives. Lyn seems the most grounded. She is happily married to Michael, they have a nearly 2-year-old terror of a child, Maddie, Michael's teen daughter Kara from his first marriage, and Lyn is the owner of an extremely popular business delivering gourmet breakfasts. Cat thought she was happily married to Dan but there appears to be some fraying at the marital seams. Their years of trying to conceive a child has certainly added to their emotional distance but Dan has been distancing himself in physical ways and Cat can read the writing on the wall. Gemma is the lovable mess of a sister who seems to float mindlessly through life accepting whatever comes her way; except, that is, for relationships with men. She had been engaged to Marcus who was unfortunately, or fortunately depending on Gemma's feelings at the time, killed when hit by a car. Although he never hit her he was viciously emotionally abusive, privately and publicly, and Gemma felt she was walking on egg shells constantly. Now she doesn't seem able to have a relationship that lasts more than 6 months. The three sisters are each other's best friends and, possibly, best 'frenemies'.

I enjoyed this story of families and their tangled emotions. All three sisters shine in their own ways and the cast of supporting characters are fun. They do not always get along but their love for each other is always present. The book is both funny and heartbreaking.

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Joi (missjoious) | 3775 comments Just starting this today. Seems a little more casual and fluffy than her others.

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Amy | 8156 comments Its true - its not anyone's favorite. Its early Lianne.... But you know I love her anyway!

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