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Alex Michaels (alexlmichaels) | 2 comments ❤️ L o v i n g D i s a s t e r is LIVE! 🐪🌵☀️🏜

& FREE with Kindle Unlimited! ❤️

When Aster Persephone Ainsley-Drummond set out to find Professor Bartholomew H. Pemberton, her mission was to recruit, hire or otherwise convince the mysterious archeologist to help her reach the elusive, mythical place called El Mourat.
When Hunter Pemberton woke up from a drunken stupor, his mission was to avoid, ignore, kill or kiss the stunning redhead who appeared out of nowhere with a delusional plan that would get them robbed, killed or both.
But another day, another dollar, and soon the world’s unlikeliest pair will find themselves on a mission to solve the riddle of an ancient map, discover just how many times things can go wrong in a row and maybe stop arguing long enough to realize how crazy about each other they actually are.
One thing’s for sure… in this story, lessons will be learned.
A shy, awkward librarian may find out that sometimes Professors don’t look like Professors… at all.
And a hunky Professor may find out it’s better not to contradict, provoke or lose your heart to someone called Aster the Disaster.

#contemporary #standalone #hea #kindleunlimited
Bookworms & Alphas #3

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Alex Michaels (alexlmichaels) | 2 comments ❤️ Start reading for free:

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