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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA, Murder Mystery, Paranormal//Best friend dies and the one alive tries to solve the mystery

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message 1: by Lykos (new)

Lykos | 1 comments Year read: No later than 2013
Where read: Peachtree Corners Library in Norcross, GA
Possible book description: I believe the color of the book was blue, and the spine had an eye on it

Remembered details (MOST LIKELY SPOILERS):

If I'm remembering correctly, best friend dies, alive friend tries to figure it out because the cops are doing a terrible job or not making an attempt at all. Alive friend either has a female sister or cousin that has the typical high school teenager attitude.

The biggest thing I remember was the main character was on a lake shore and on the lake was a fishing boat and a motorboat with a bunch of partiers on it. It was dark so the partiers couldn't see the fishing boat and ran it down.

The end, the friend discovered the mystery and the dead friend sort of met up with him after his own funeral when they were alone to say thanks. I vaguely remember the very last words of the book was that there might be a sequal?

This has been plaguing me since 2014. I can't look for it myself in person because I had moved out of state in 2013/14. I never really kept up with book names or authors back then and I heavily regret that now.

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