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message 1: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Ellis | 73 comments Mod
Warm greetings to all who visit here.

message 2: by Diana (new)

Diana Jenkins Sharon, how do you go about a normal everyday life after the experiences you have had? How does your family deal with it. Your husband seems so wonderful and supportive, what about relatives and your children? Just after reading your book, I feel like my life has changed and my priorities are different. But that's nothing compared to the miracles you have seen.

message 3: by Sharon (last edited Aug 29, 2009 06:09PM) (new)

Sharon Ellis | 73 comments Mod
He is suffering and in Christ I suffer.

message 4: by Diana (new)

Diana Jenkins He is suffering, and in Christ you suffer, it brings me much sadness to know of suffering. My heart feels the ache of sorrow for the weight of the world is truely in our blessed Jesus Christ's hands. Please thank Him for carrying our burdon's and preparing a place for us where there is no more suffering.
Can not friends ease the suffering?

message 5: by Sharon (last edited Aug 29, 2009 11:30AM) (new)

Sharon Ellis | 73 comments Mod
Diana, you have just thanked Jesus yourself. You can talk directly to Christ Jesus always. He is always listening and your caring Friend.

God has called me. I did not ask for this anointing. I am opening up to even say this to you each. I guard this ferosiously because it is so holy. I serve out of the anointing God has equipped me with. I suffer much. I feel the pains of Christ's suffering. I deeply know Holy Spirit's grief. I am made aware. These times are amazing, but difficult.
YES! Friends do ease the sufferings.
Diana you are an anointed treasure - like a drink of water.
I don't really know what to reveal. I have to listen and just wait. I wait now. I am certain that the Lord will give me the words to explain things better.
He should be honored. Know that He loves each one of us far more and more wonderfully than we ever imagined.
His Heart is the tenderest place to rest within.
He has gifted me with His love, and He offers this same depth to each of you.
I am given eyes that see much. In this gifting is much pain to see. I cry every day. Many times a day I cry. I cry because I see what man wastes when man could have so much more. It is available to each. The natural place of the Lord for us is far better than we accept for ourselves. I tell you there is a higher place that is the normal place to live with God in relaitonship with Him. Push and open the heavens and wait and listen and have a heart that asks for the Heart of the Father.
Often our Lord shows me the Heart of The Father.

love to you all

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Vanessa (vanessarichardson) | 9 comments Sharon,

I have not read the book yet, it is on my TBR agenda. The blurb perked my attention. When did you first come to realizr that were not only called, but I venture to say chosen? (and there is a difference)

Thank you for your obedience and being sensative to the timing of your revealing.


message 7: by Diana (new)

Diana Jenkins Sharon,
Your words have given me a rush of every emotion. I cry for you and for Jesus.

I hope to give you something to laugh about each day. Something to smile about each day as the weight of mans troubles is too much to bear. When you thirst, we (your friends) will be here for you to drink, to refresh you so you may continue the important work God has called you to do. Thank you Sharon for being so brave and sharing your heart. We have so much to learn from you... and each other here.
Your friend in Jesus,

message 8: by Sharon (last edited Aug 25, 2009 06:33AM) (new)

Sharon Ellis | 73 comments Mod
I hope you are all well and happy!

Good question Vanessa. I have had time to really reflect on that myself these past several months as I have been writing my second book to be released in a few months. It will answer that complex quesiton in depth, and again it is amazing.
Its a 'only God could set those events in motion' sort of thing.

I hope you will read Communions With Christ soon. I hope this blesses you. I look forward to talking from the perspective of you knowing the things I tell therein.
I think this is a link?


message 9: by Sharon (last edited Sep 08, 2009 10:27AM) (new)

Sharon Ellis | 73 comments Mod
Dear friends - You may realize that I say the Lord speaks to me. I have written the book, and so you have questions. I am quite secluded, live a solitary life, meditate many hours a day, I am in thought and analyzation hours a day. I am 'gone away with the Lord' virtually 24/7. I may seem to be doing human tasks, but I am really in holy communions with Christ. I listen - the Lord drops many nuggets into me when I don't expect this to happen - I usually am able, really quickly now, to respond to His directives - I go to many people with a "message for them that the Lord has told me to go say to them" ... this was very hard for me to do at first! ... and the amazing thing is, if I obey God, and say what He asks me to say, the person (stranger) cries - breaks down in tears and says "only God could have told you that" and then usually I see in their eyes that they just go away with the Holy Spirit and I know He is ministering healing to that person, then the Lord tells me to go on about my day, so I go, letting that person be in the anointing Holy Spirit healing taking place.

Or that person tells me a few things in response to my comments to them, and in their 'getting that off his/her chest and out into the day of light' God brings the wound up to the surface in them to deal with, and instantaneously a holy help is taking place. Years of pain can be mended in seconds with the Lord. / and the wounds seem to be instantly healed / or dealt with by God / I am often able to witness this and God gives me courage to go out to do more of His missions.

My husband John has been with me for so many dozens of these times and he has seen or heard this take place with countless strangers everywhere - in a restaurant, by the swimming pool, at church, in a check out line, ... everywhere we go / or I'm saying to my husband, "I gotta go tell that person something"... and across a normal outdoor event I'll go up to a stranger and engage them in an immediate conversation which they are always quite willing to get in because GOD is working in them and causing them to listen because it is Christ who is speaking to them,... it becomes instantly deep because the Holy Spirit has come upon that person & God begins ministry.

At first the events for me, my husband, and family were extremely difficult to comprehend and fit into our thoughts and know what to do with - I could not really tell anyone, because no one understood, and it made them uncomfortable. I often said to John that I felt like Christipher Columbus setting out upon a huge uncharted sea that he was not certain where it would go - he had no one to ask for advise, no navigated maps to look at to guide him - yet he set out anyway, because he had such a strong calling upon him to do this - he sailed and found a new land was there to discover.

It took me and my family a long time to realize this was just a very normal calling and giftings from Holy Spirit and that's how it is - The Christian has this power and these gifting from Holy Spirit to wake up to in Christ!!
I had no clue what the whole thing was!!!! - I know the Lord put me in rigorous training sessions.

One day, somewhere in the middle of these many miraculous things, John said to me, while staring out into space, "I've lost you. You really are talking to God. He has your heart completely."
No my husband did not loose me or my heart! God does not work that way! In fact, our hearts grew closer in Christ!

Then, slowly, John joined me, because Holy Spirit took him and gave him many gifts too, and drew him close, too.
I asked my husband what it is like for him to live with this going on so much - John replied , "It has now become our normal, the other way isn't normal any more, now the normal is our talking with God and obeying God and its brought us to a much better place." John said, its our normal now and we are healthier and happier now.

Does this answer some quesitons?
I will try to answer any more questions you may have??
PEACE, Sharon

message 10: by Sharon (last edited Sep 23, 2009 08:13AM) (new)

Sharon Ellis | 73 comments Mod
Vanessa asked, "When did you first realize that you are chosen and not just called? There is a difference."
You know, friends, it takes me a long time to answer a quesiton like this because I am not a public person - and my journey has been incomprehensible - unexplainable in human words - the path that Jesus just swept me away in has drained my being of life in the world and filled my spirit ... this selfish stupid spirit, this utter sinful nature, this foul and repugnant thing I am, with Him. I've been hacked up and spit out and given new life. I've been screamed at, taken to the woodshed of Chris't thrashing floor and given the awake up call of the Eretrnal variety. I've been stomped on, spit out, heralded as great, humbled and thrown to the curb in the same instant, ... never does God ever allow me to have any pride in my own accomplishments. If ever I have tried to be the great thing He seems to make me, He reminds me of the waif I am, ... the utter NOTHING WITHOUT HiM THAT IS ME, AS HIS ...
I don't know how to tell you what I mean. I love Jesus so much for His redemption of my soul. Yet He won't let me get away with anything!
You see, I used to walk a very wide gate. Then the
path got smaller, narrower, and now I walk a very narrow path.
Now I walk with Jesus on a tiny thread wide place and that tiny thin thread just keeps getting narrower. And I cannot allow myself to fall off - one way or the other - in any direction that is away form His Word .. or from His directives in Spirit .. because if I do, then I am punished in the brimstome of salvation's awakening to Glory.
I suffer the most incredible atrosities. I have come to believe it quite true the fact that being a Prophet takes the called on into the pathway of suffering.
And even through each of these gates I am asked by God, "Do you want to go on?" I am asked this by our Lord Christ. I mean, really literally asked, "If I am too much to follow, then leave. If I am something you want to keep in step with, then come through the next gate with me, Jesus Christ" I always say "Yes, I do." Nothing gives me more life than having the death of humanity burned out of my soul.

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