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Dylan (dylanthereader5) | 67 comments Mod
This topic is for spoiler talk for chapters 20-29 ONLY. Don't read the comments unless you've read all the chapters or else you will be spoiled.

Also, DO NOT post about events that happen after these chapters. You will have two warnings, if it happens a third time, you're out of the group.

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Kylie Crawford (kylies_nook) | 5 comments I almost feel like the story is just now starting. Knowing this was a beauty and the beast retelling, I figured we would be confined to the castle to watch relationships unfold rather than action. I’m much happier with this more politically-minded, active direction the plot has taken.

Some character growth has happened, I still think Grey is the more interesting character and I’m loving his interactions, but the author is pulling more from Rhen. Harper has realistically come to trust the people in her life a little more but is still as stubborn and feisty as ever, and we’ve got more than just our 3 main characters now.

There seems to be a lot of obstacles in their tenuous plan (namely there is no Disi/army), and I’m looking forward to watching the MCs tackle it.

I’m interested to see where this goes, and have been enjoying myself reading.

Heather (loveinthelibrary) I am also enjoying this and happy that it is such a quick and easy read. I admit it though I am finding the whole premise of the imaginary realm of Disi to be a bit farfetched, would there be no commanders of the opposing army that would have any sense of their world and surrounding countries? Interested to see where the plot takes us and to find out more about the curse and Lilith....like who is the other magesmith?! Also enjoy learning new words...hello tatterdemalion.

Nathan | 2 comments I've really enjoyed the story thus far, and while many haven't found Rhen entertaining or interesting, I have often found he's the character that I most relate to. The idea that he understands his actions caused the consequences he currently faces, and struggles to make further decisions that might bring along similar or worse results seems to drive his paralysis. Yet, here comes a damsel, seemingly at times in distress, but fully willing to face life head-on. Harper is vibrant, forceful, and strong-willed, even though, in his eyes, she shouldn't be due to life circumstances.

While I do enjoy Grey and Harper's back and forth up to this point, I want to see more of Rhen's growth and personal journey.

Additionally, I wonder if Harper's question, "Have you ever felt anything for any of these girls?" might not be an early allusion to the idea that the object of the curse isn't to have someone fall in love Prince Rhen, but for him to truly love someone other than himself. I consider the kingdom an extension of himself in many ways, but now he sees someone who appears to love his kingdom, even though she has no reason to, and if that is what's necessary to break the curse.

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