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message 1: by Justin (new)

Justin (bluelightning42) | 2 comments I'm trying to think of a book I read sometime between 2006-2009
after spending who knows how long trying to find it in TvTropes (Biomanipulation/MasterOfYourDomain/Shapshifting etc) and even trying the super power wiki with skin manipulation I'm turning to here.

Basically I don't remember much about the plot. there were multiple characters with unusual super powers and there was this character who could modify his body/shapeshift by molding his skin (fat under his skin to change face structure?).
It might have been full body control but due to the point that he made himself look a few inches taller by balling up a bunch of skin (fat?) on the bottom of his feet make me think he couldn't control all parts of his body (because then he would have just made his bones longer or something)

at one point he fills a keyhole with his skin and then hardens it to open a door (safe?)

I'm pretty sure he is captured at one point or comes very close to it after a girl with a different power catches him robbing a place.

and its not the end of the world if no one can find it (I'm not looking to reread it) its just really bugging me that I can't figure out what it was

I remember thinking all the powers were really unique at the time making me think it was a brandon sanderson book and momentarily thought it was Legion Skin Deep before reading the synopsis and deciding its not.

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Lobstergirl | 37806 comments Mod
For what age reader?

message 3: by Justin (new)

Justin (bluelightning42) | 2 comments So i read it when i was 8-11 years old but that doesnt really help cause most of the books i read at that time were "adult". Theres a small chance it was YA however i think it was just general fantasy

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