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message 1: by Ph (new)

Ph (ped77) | 5 comments I've read over half of Dick Francis' books recently. I am remembering a plot I read several years ago and cannot figure out what book it is.

Hero sees Bad Guy (BG) in a box at the races. Turns out we later find out that due to British tax laws, if BG exceeds a certain number of days in the country, his company will have to pay LOADS of taxes!
Hero falls in love with a girl. Towards the end of the book they go to meet the family, I think in the US. (Her parents are dead, I think.) BG and girl's uncle are in the family business and try to kill Hero. Location - Small fishing boat where they are going to take his body and dump it. Hero ends up killing BG.
End of book, girl shows up at Hero's house and still wants a relationship.

Ring any bells?? Thanks!!

message 2: by Edward (new)

Edward Barnard | 4 comments Sorry that plot does NOT ring a bell. I have to wonder if perhaps you're remembering elements from two plots, maybe? Some elements remind me of Blood Sport. Could it be part of the short story collection, Field of 13? Can you remember/picture any of Hero's characteristics or occupation?

message 3: by Helle (new)

Helle (helleb) | 2 comments The first bit rings a bell, but unfortunately I can't place it. Latter part with the boat does not sound familiar in relation to Francis.

Keep us posted if you find out which one it was - sounds like I may have to do some re-reading.

message 4: by Ph (new)

Ph (ped77) | 5 comments It is Front Runner - one of Felix Francis' books! The interesting thing is there are elements which are similar to other Dick Francis' books. But, Front Runner is the one.

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