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Reading after bereavement ? A changed man
Christopher Everest Christopher Apr 05, 2019 05:59AM
I have discovered since my only child died in 2015 that I read differently. I am moved by the pathos and sadness in a book more than what previously made me read it. I do repeat-read books that I have previously really enjoyed and engaged with. Reading the David Gemmell Rigante series I imagine I read first for the adventure, the heroism, narratives driven by action - but now I find the books sense of characterisation primarily moves me because I identify with the struggles of those individuals against fate. Death and sadness are so very near to me now. I want to hear from other readers that have lost their child - Am I alone in this? I read my kindle notes and sense a different man reading - like many of Gemmell's characters feeling lost and alone but continuing to act as decently as the possibly can. I am not overly emotional (repressed Englishman syndrome) but I sense a different person is reading now.

Very sorry for your loss

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