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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) | 87 comments Mod

Ship Name:
Class: (Most pirates pilot sloops or schooners at first. The Black Pearl was somewhere between a Brigantine and a Square-Rigged merchant ship.)
Appearance: (You can use a description but pictures are prefered because describing ships is hard.)
First Mate:
Crew Members:
Jolly Roger: (The Jolly Roger is the official term for a pirate captain’s flag. Each captain had a different flag, the skull and crossbones flag only became popular in fiction largely.)
Origin: (Was this ship built specifically for piracy? If not, what was this ship built for and what was it called beforehand?)
History: (How did the captain come across this ship?)

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) | 87 comments Mod
Ship Name: Scorned Woman
Class: Brigantine
Related image
Captain: Jankin Sparrow
First Mate:
Crew Members:
Jolly Roger:
Related image
Except, switch the black and white, here.
Origin: The Scorned Woman, like many pirate ships, was originally a merchant ship, previously called the Silver Shores. The pirate crew Jank had been shangaied into took the boat from the merchants who owned it, and were sailing it to Tortuga to have it remodeled for piracy when Jank started his mutiny. With Jankin as the new captain, the ship was remodelled into the Scorned Woman.
History: Jankin forged a mutiny when the former captain of his crew took the Silver Shores from the merchants who owned it. He captured the Silver Shores and had it rechristened as the Scorned Woman.

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 160 comments Mod
Ship Name: The Revanant

Class: Man O´ War

Appearance: Related image


Michael ¨Lucky¨ Adams

First Mate:

Gwen Marcy Adams

Crew Members:

* Olivia Jason


3 row boats (for either reaching islands or fishing)

Diving bell (Giant metal bell made for shipwreck diving.)

Net cannons

Weapons (aside from cannons):

3 swivel guns (two in back and 1 on the front)

Fire barrels

Chain shot (Two cannonballs attached by a sturdy chain)

Mortar (A stubby, but heavy and durable cannon angled upwards for long range attacks.)

Jolly Roger:
Related image

Origin: This ship belonged to one of the pirate lords of the British Isles. It was famous for being the one Ship the crown could never find, despite of how large it is.
History: Lucky Adams was nothing but a deckswabber for a merchant brig vessel. He came face to face with the captain of the Revenant when he was bound next to the man he was in service to. Granted Lucky, hated his former captain. He´d beat him bloody when he got drunk, he would even try to toss him overboard. Yet he still told the pirates he would rather die than back out of service. The pirate smiled and he killed his former captain and made a blood pact with Lucky. From that day forward, Lucky became the captain of the Revenant, the pirate lord became Lucky´s mentor until one day he was hanged by the royals.

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