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Kimberly Ann (auntie-nanuuq) | 753 comments The Empress's Tomb (Kiki Strike, #2) by Kirsten Miller

The Empress's Tomb, Kirsten Miller

★ ★ ★ ★

From the inside cover:

"What's happening in New York City?
Giant Squirrels.
A Haunted Mansion.
Six fierce friends with even fiercer secrets.

Amanda might be sent off to a remote boarding school, Kiki's life is in danger (as always), Betty seems to have found a love in all the wrong places, and Oona... well, Oona's the one in the most serious trouble. From Chinatown to Saks Fifth Avenue, whether rescuing kidnapped children or resuscitating a long dead Empress at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Irregulars have a knack for finding trouble and putting it out of its misery."

Oona's father is a Chinese Crime Boss and has plans to replace the Met's nudes w/ forgeries & sell them to....

Kiki's nemesis & would be assassin who works for Kiki's aunt & cousin who had Kiki's family murdered.

Annaka is in danger of being sent away for truancy & sleeping in History class, she redeems herself by writing about the Underground Railroad station for Slaves that is hidden under a Temple (former church) where the Irregulars meet...

Being hidden underground in the tunnels off of the Underground Railroad, the Irregulars find, Yu, who was kidnapped from Taiwan by Oona's father...

Lester Liu, deals in illegally imported exotic animals, that keep mysteriously being set loose in the city... including Giant Squirrels whose portraits are showing up city-wide as Giant Murals w/ cryptic messages...

All of the Irregulars have secrets but they work together to keep each other safe & fight crime.

This was a very interesting book, it was easy to read and certainly kept my interest.

I won't go out of my way to read the previous book or any others in the series, but it I would recommend it to young girls who like adventure series & want to read more about female protagonists.

message 2: by Karin (last edited Apr 06, 2019 04:13PM) (new)

Karin | 6888 comments Yes, such a great series!!!! I'm so very happy to see someone else enjoying Kiki Strike! I read all three back when my girls were reading them and am quite a fan. I think they were 4 star reads for me as well (if I was rating books at that time, if not, I'm sure that's what I'd have given them).

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