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Farting Llama (fartingllama) | 9 comments I read this a long time ago, like uh 6-7 years, I think, or even longer? I believe it was a children's book, but I'm not really sure.

It started in some small village where a young boy lived with his grandma who was, I believe, a healer of some sorts. She helped some woman give birth and the baby came out with a birthmark (strawberry shaped, if I'm not mistaken) so they accused her of witchcraft and hung her in the town square. She made her grandson promise her that if her neck didn't immediately snap, he'd have to help, so when she started choking he ran forward and hung onto her legs so she wouldn't suffer.

He ran from the village after. At one point he was hiding from an army. Then he got to some town where, if I remember correctly, some man was advertising what was basically snake oil, and he got found out.

Then the boy found work or residence with some really rich person (maybe this was in the second book?) and there was another young boy there who was mentally challenged. At one point, the MC somehow got hung by his neck and the other boy wanted to help, but he wasn't sure how, so he did what the MC did in the beginning, hung onto his legs in hopes of getting him down.
There was also some foul plot that the MC was investigating on that rich person's property.

I think (but seriously, don't quote me on this) that the title had something to do with crows or ravens.

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