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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Leading her back to the castle, he steered the conversation away from his clothes and back to small talk. He didn't want her finding out about his identity yet. As they approached the castle`s entry, he led her around the back. The sparring room was on the ground floor of the castle, back near where the soldiers would sleep and train. Leading her into the room, he held open the door for her. Walking in behind her, he took the extra swords from his side and laid them on the floor. Picking up the spirit sword, he smiles at Avery. "Here we are. Let's see what you got."

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Avery glanced around the sparring room as she walked in. It was magnificent. She was not entirely sure if she was allowed to do this as a maid, but Avery was one who never particularly cared about the rules. She looked over the swords he lay on the ground and picked up the water sword. Smiling to herself she spun and swung her sword. This will be interesting. Her swing was low and sure, and one she was proud of. She may not be better than Nathaniel, but she will try to make him sweat.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel leaped back out of the way of her sword. It was a good swing for a first time user he thought. Positing his sword in front of him, he charge forward. He didn't use his full speed but enough he though she could handle. Bringing his sword up he brought it down as if to slash through her body. Let's see the fire in that spirit of yours. He expected her to block his sword with her own.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments As Nathaniel charged toward her, she dodged past him and spun around to face him again, and as his sword came down, she swiftly brought up her own to meet his mid-strike with two hands. It was a feat on itself she thought.
Upon her time observing, what one trainer said to his soldiers really stuck to her. The blade is a weapon designed to attack. Do not waste time defending, or else the blade is not fulfilling its purpose.. So while her blade was in the air with Nathaniel's, Avery tried to use it to her advantage as a distraction, without second thinking herself, she moved her body out of the way so his blade didn't hit her when she snapped back her sword from holding his, and struck again but this time on his side.
Avery did not notice that she was beaming with... joy...contentment... until she felt her cheeks sore from smiling to much.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel dropped to her sword coming at his side. In a few seconds he leaped back to avoid being stoke by the tip of the blade. Once he was far away from her, he brought his sword in front of him once again. She is better than I first thought. There is that spirit. Smiling he studied her quickly. His eyes searching for a weakness in her form. Breathing in through his mouth and exhaling through his nose, he calmed his breathing. Once more he charged forward. This time he used more of his speed hoping to catch her off guard.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Avery allowed a few moments to catch her breath from the adrenaline when he stepped back, but still held her guard. Sword fighting was... exhilarating. She was caught off guard from his speed, but brought down her sword nonetheless when he was in range to deflect his blow. She was growing tireder by each blow, her own parrying becoming more sloppy. But still Avery held her own- and couldn't remember ever feeling so alive.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments (Should I have him knock her sword from her hand or do you want them to fight longer?)

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments ((Whatever you want, knocking the sword sounds good though :) ))

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Dodging to the left to avoid her attack, he brought his sword up. Metal clashed against metal. He used his sword to bring hers up before bring his down on top of hers. Smiling he pushed her sword down with his. "You were a worthy opponent." He told her in a polite manner. Taking his sword from hers and dropping down, he used his leg to knock her legs right from under her. He reached out to grab her free hand to catch her from falling fully to the ground.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments It took Avery a moment to catch his meaning before he bested her and tripped her. Before she had a chance to even think on it his hand clasped hers and pulled her up before she fell. For a moment she was speechless. His hand was calloused but yet soft. She lingered in his grasp for a beat longer than necessary before ripping her hand out of his and straightening herself up. She took the sword he took from her, from him and took a stance again. "Show me how you did that." She felt her eyes twinkle with mirth and surprisingly not embarrassment or shame at all.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel only smile at Avery. He did not noticed that she held his hand longer than necessary for he was too busy grinning at her lost expression. He knew that move had to have surprise her because it had surprised him the moment his master had tripped him up during their first match. When she took her hand from his and retook her stanch from earlier, his mouth fell open a little at the determination he saw in her. Snapping out of it at her remark, he flipped his sword over til where the sharp edge faced the ground. With a small amount of pressure, he shoved the weapon into the hard surface. Walking over to Avery he circles around to her right side. "First you need to get in a proper stanch. Here." He lightly moved her arms out slightly and used his foot to push hers out a little. "In that position you can guard herself on all sides. Next you want to move your sword up and down quickly." He explained. "That is to ensure you lock your opponent weapon down before he could even think to move.. Got that?"

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Avery took everything he said in. A part of her was shocked that he actually obliged to her request. Her breath caught when he circled around her, and she slapped herself internally for the absurdity of it. As soon as he put her in the new stance, she understood what he meant. She felt way more on balance, and saw how it was easier to defend on all sides- like he said.
"Stance like this. Move sword quickly. Got it." She said with a tint of a smile.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments "You're a natural." He told her before walking back over to his formal spot. Pilling his sword from the ground he took a step toward her. He placed his sword near hers. "Normally the way to get through this attack is using speed, but Im going to show you the steps. You will have to build speed on your own." He pressed his sword against hers. "Now repeat my these moves." He slowly brought his sword on top of hers and pressed down before bring it back up and under her sword pushing upward. "Next you drop down but be careful not to drop on your rum." He showed her by bending down and kicking his feet out. "Use this leg to knock your opponents feet from under him." He stood back up. "Usually you would be learning hand to hand fighting but im going to skip that part for today. Now try to knock me down doing what Ive showed you."

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Avery followed his steps systematically, her first time was slow and she purposefully didn't trip him as it was more of a way to say the steps again out loud. Taking her stance again, she played out the steps in her head, and without giving him a warning she completed the steps exactly how he showed her. When she swiftly tripped him she flashed him a grin and held out her hand to help him up. "How was that?" She asked him.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel relaxed his guards as Avery went through the steps slowly. He remembered a time where he too had went through these similiar steps with his master. He rememvered being very clumsy back then compared to now. On the second time, he allowed his mind to wander as he went through the step in auto piler. What he was not prepared for was her swift kick that knocked him on his rum. Blinking he replayed her actions in his mind. She had potenial. Deceiving your opponent by using a low acceleration start only to increase your speed at the end was a clever tactic. Staring at her hand for a moment, he wondered where she learned that. It had taken him months to learn that one skill. Taking her hand, he grins. "You are better than I expected. Where did you learn to fight?" He rose ro his feet with her help.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Avery shrugged, not to dodge the question but because she wasn't sure how to answer. A truthful answer was... complicated. So she settled by saying, "When I was young I practically begged for my brothers to teach me some things, but when they grew tired of me I mostly learned by watching."
Letting go of his hand, she waved hers around slightly at loss for words looking away from him in thought, "So in answer- I haven't been taught how to fight- not really anyway. I'm an amateur in truth with the energy of a ferret. Or so I've been told. " Turning her head back to face him she grinned, "Which poses the question, Nathaniel, where did you learn how to fight exceedingly well for a man of your age? It's obvious you were holding back- a lot".
her eyes were filled with mirth, but she refused to let herself laugh. She wasn't actually sure how old he was- but he couldn't have been much older than Avery. So he must have trained at a young age. A very young age. So a wealthy lord then- not that she cared. Or a very fortunate commoner or guard? It confused her so much her head hurt.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments So she has brothers. Wonder why she's here alone. Her family does miss her surely. The water kingdom isn't poor, so it's people should be like ours. Maybe she moved here to get a better life. She is a maid of the royal family after all. He lowered his sword to his side. At her question, he said, "My father was a member of the royal guard when I was little. I use to sit in on his spar matches and he eventually trained me, teaching me only the basics. When I was seven, I was handed over to a master swordman. He taught me the skills and art of sword fighting." He smiled as he thought about his master. "He was the very man to teach me how to be a gentleman." He sway his sword in a small circle lazily. "So you want me to teach you how to use that weapon?" He gesture to the sword with his free hand. "It is yours after all and I'll be happy to have an apprentice."

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Avery thought of everything he just revealed to her. So he is just a son of a royal guard. Not a lord then. She quirked a side of her lip slightly when he mentioned the master swordsman. Yes, she remembered their jest before when he told her that his tutor would have his hide if he wasn't a proper gentleman.
Avery took her stance again, and gave him a pointed look as she said, "It's not mine- I distinctly remember you paying for it. But yes, teach me. If you are able- I would like to learn all that you know. " She then raised her eyebrows at him quizzically, "But do you need an apprentice? I mean you're bound to have a lot more able men since you're a guard?" Avery threw that he was a guard out there to see how he would react. Was her guess right?

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments "That`s the problem, Avery. I have too many able men. They think they know more than me when it comes to sword fighting. If I'm going to have an apprentice, I would like that person to be as least exprienced as I can get." He took an attack stance. A smile formed on his lips. "That way I can pass on all my knowledge to a blank slate. You are prefect to be my apprentice." He took a long step forward, swinging his sword toward hers. "And if I remember correctly, that sword is a water kingdom sword. I'm a spirit kingdom fighter. That sword is completely useless to me. Please do me a favor and accept it. Besides my new apprentice needs her own weapon if she's going to be learning from one of the best." He leaped back with a big grin on his face. "What do you say Avery? Would you accept me as a master in exchange for that sword?"

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Avery stared at him- her expression was bemused. "How did you know I was from the Water Kingdom?" It wasn't like she was hiding it- but was she that much of an open book? She shook her head failing to hide her disbelief, "So you are one of the best then? Alright. I agree, Nathaniel. But on the condition that I will pay you back- I can't accept this much without compensating it by any means possible. " She still shook her head at herself- him one of the best guards- offering for her- an inexperienced maid to be his apprentice. "We need to work a timetable though. I mean I work- and you're bound to be busy." She took her stance again and cocked her head to the side with re-found fervor. "Bring it on," she said with a smirk. Nathaniel had offered her a once in a lifetime opportunity. For her to be able to defend and protect herself. He didn't know how much that meant to her- that... Generosity.
Genorisity that could one day save her from the clutches of her father, brothers and betrothed.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments "Yes I'm one of the best." His thoughts flowed to his older brother, who was one of the few that could best him in sword matches. That never stopped him from challenging the older prince however. "Pretty good too." He chuckled. "Alright Avery I'll accept your condition so long as you do remember to pay me back. Never took you for a stubborn one." He launched forward, swinging his sword. He could tell by the look in her eyes that she would fight him on her condition. She was an determined one, he thought. "First lesson is a sword is an extension of one's body. Get use to the feel of it." He threw slow but intensionally attacks her way to forxe her to use her sword to block his. After doing this for awhile he stopped to allow her to catch her breathe. "By the way, you told me yourself that you are from the Water Kingdom." He gestured toward the water sword. "The way you were looking at it early told me a lot about you."

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Avery blushed in embarrassment- the first she had in a long time. She did? She hoped she never rambled anything else about herself. In response to his attack she had deflected it, and brought her guard up again standing in the stance that he had taught her. As she waited for his next attack she moved the sword along her palm trying to get used to the weight and fluidity of it. It was lighter then any sword she had held, but the lightness did not affect its movement.
Avery had every intention of paying him back- even if it was a little at a time with the money she will earn. It didn't feel like she was doing much when Nathaniel had offered up a sword he paid for and time he did not need to waste.
And Avery decided that she liked the feeling of being in control on a match. She found in those brief lessons with her brothers, that swordplay was a sort of safe haven to vent out emotions and to forget about reality- of only for temporary. So even if Nathaniel taught her enough just to be able to last longer in a fight- then she will feel forever indebted and grateful.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments After a few more swings, Nathaniel stopped. Lowering his sword to his side, he wiped his forehead with hid free hand. "That`s enough for today." With the sword in hand he brought his hands together to rest on top of one another. Then he bowed to Avery. Looking up at her, he said, "This is how we end a sparring match. Bowing to your opponent shows good sportmanship." Straightening, he turned and walked over to place his weapon beside the other two. "I'll take it easy on you this one time. Normally we would next spar using only our hands and after I would have you run a few miles to build your body. Come." He gesture for her to join him. Taking a seat on the floor, he breath out through his mouth. "Let discuss your work schedule. How often do you work? And would days would you like to train?"

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments When Nathaniel stopped, Avery was panting heavily. She had exerted herself and used up all her strength and energy defending herself. And he was going easy! She bowed like he did, immediately intrigued that such a sport advocated respect and sportsmanship in the Spirit Kingdom. When she watched her brother's spar they played dirty and relied heavily on their strength. They had never bowed at the end of their matches. It only made Avery like this custom more.
She followed to where Nathaniel gestured and joined him on the floor. "As of currently, I am free every day before dinner, for a couple hours, except for Fridays and Tuesdays where I have to help prepare dinner. So if you are free on the other days, how does that sound? Though I understand if you don't want to train me for that many days a week- Whenever you're free since I am cutting your time..." She was beginning to ramble again and hoped she didn't sound awkward. But she didn't mind training almost every day- in fact she had just been passing time by walking aimlessly around the kingdom. She wanted- no needed a purpose and well training will give her that.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments "That`s prefect actually. We have more days to train and practice. I can take things slow instead of pushing you hard." Nathaniel thought about the right way he wanted to start training Avery. From the look of things, she was a fast learner. That was a great trait in itself. "We'll do conditioning and hand to hand sparing on Monday, Wedendays, and Thirsdays. Sword training will be Saturdays and Sindays. Lesson number two is if you can fight with your hands you can fight with a weapon. That is why more time will be given to learning how to fight hand to hand instead of sword fighting." He gave a smile. "That is our schedule. We practice in the mornings. Sounds good?" He asked. "Do you have any questions for me Apprentice?"

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Avery smiled when he said apprentice. She had been called many things: sister, maid, betrothed, pauper, wealthy, but never apprentice. She decided she liked her new title. She looked Nathaniel in the eye as she said with a little quirk of her lips, "Don't hold back on me please. Treat me as though I am one of your men." She couldn't think of a question, so instead she softened her gaze and spoke sincerely as she said, "Thank you Nathaniel, it means a lot to me that you are teaching me. I admit I was... cold... when I first met you, but it is true that you can't judge someone upon appearance alone... And I... I misjudged you. So thank you." She had thought Nathaniel was a lord, and so had assumed that he was as evil as the one she was to marry - and her father. But it turned out that he was just a guard. And Avery felt guilty for judging him like that.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments "That`s the spirit.." Nathaniel gave a toothy grin. He would definifly train Avery in the fashion he was trained, but not so roughly however. She was still a lady. As far as he knew he would not have to use his full strength on her like he did with the other solders. His smile dropped as he listened to her truthful words. Closing his eyes he rose to his feet. "It is ok to misjudge someone so long as you correct yourself about that person. In the beginning you were cold toward me, but I saw a fire burning in you that was destine for something to bring it out. I believe you have found that something in sword fighting. It is my honor to train someone like you because I want to see that fire burn at its highest. So please accept my thanks for allowing me to be your teacher." He held out a hand for her to take. "Now what do you have to do next?"

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Avery smiled back in response to his words. No one. No one, had understood her fervor and need to find a purpose. And for Nathaniel to want to nurture her 'flame', even her brothers neglected her in that manner. Only teaching her to get her to stop pestering her- not because they wanted to see her grow. She shook his hand, her smile truly genuine and pure, "I wouldn't have it any other way, Nathaniel. Let's just hope you are as good as you say you are." She gave him a quizzical look, "Next?" And then she panicked, "Wait, what time is it. The head made is going to have my head!"

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments (What time does she works?)

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments ((Ummm lets just say 5:30))

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel looked toward a small window. "Umm I'll say it is around 5:30." He guessed judging by the way the sky looked. Looking back at her, he thought for a moment. "I'm sure the head maid won't notice you are late. Hurry now. Go. I'll take care of these weapons." He held out his hand to take the sword from her while she go complete her job duties.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments She handed him the sword while offering him a grateful smile. She straightened out her clothes when she realised that she will still have to change back to her maid outfit before seeking out the head maid.
She almost tripped over herself while running to the door. Her face turned beet red as she turned to Nathaniel, hoping he didn't see her fall. "Uh- thank you".
Before he could respond she darted out of the room as quick as her feet could carry her.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Taking the sword, he watched her go. He watched her until she tipped on her way out. Quickly he looked away to pretend like he didnt see anything. At her comment, he looked back in her direction. A blush rose to his cheeks at her thanks. Once she had left the sparring room, he chuckled through closed lips. "She really is adorable." He took both swords and walked over to the two other hand weapons. Laying the water sword down, he swing his sword around a few times.

(Should the two brothers interact here?)

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments ((Yea :) I'll bring him over ))

Kaiden finally was free just before dinner. He decided to spend his time in the sparring room. It was a perfect place to practice his abilities since it was usually empty at this time.
When he walked in he bypassed a woman who was running out. And he almost chuckled when he saw his brother Nathaniel. He raised his brows in question, "What did you do, little bro? Scaring off women already?" He hadn't really seen his brother a lot lately except for meals- but even for most of them Kaiden had them in his room while doing paperwork.
He walked over to Nathaniel, and glanced at the two swords that were out. "New blades?"

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel looked in the direction his brother had came. A smiled formed on his face almost immediately. He haven' t seen too much of his older brother because his brother was always busy with one of the many tasks placed upon him. "Kaid," he said turning to him. "No. That's not what it looks like. That woman is actually.. " Trailing off, he thought about whether to tell his older brother the true about Avery. He didn't know how his brother would react to him being interested in a maid. Deciding that it wouldn't be a good idea to say at the moment, he said, "a new friend of mine." Watching his brother coming over to him, he swing his sword around. "Yes," he answered. "I got them today. Want to go a few rounds or are you too busy?" He arched an eyebrow pointing his sword at his older brother.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Kaiden quirked a lip at his brother's obvious discomfort against the woman. Interesting. Kaiden picked up the sword from the ground accepting his challenge. It was a water sword. Light and beautiful. It balanced perfectly. "Its been an age since I've crossed blades with you, hasn't it?" Kaiden ran a finger against the blade. "I like this sword."
Shaking his head at himself he took a stance ready to fight Nathaniel. Kaiden was always the better fighter, but that was years ago. Whilst Kaiden still practiced in his free tine- he no longer trained as much and hard as Nathaniel. So really he did not know how much his brother had improved.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Watching Kaiden pick up Avery's sword, he couldn't help but think back to just a few minutes ago when Avery held the sword. Turning he moved back a few steps to get into position. "It is a good sword, but you can't have it. Not that one anyway." Holding his sword in front of him, he smirked. "I hope all that paperwork hasn't made you weak, Brother." Moving his right foot back, he breathed in through his nose and out hiz mouth. Knowing that a forward way was the best way to go against his brother, he charged forward using half his nirmal speed. He brought his sword down upon Kaiden.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Kaiden couldn't help but feel a rush of adrenaline as Nathaniel charged at him. So he has certainly improved. Kaiden didn't bother to respond as he deflected the blow and offered one of his own. He parried with him, and Kaiden swung his sword not bothering to hold back either. He knew that Nathaniel could hold his own and would not appreciate coddling.
After a couple more swings, Kaiden was barely affected- his fighting an extension of his arm. He really liked this sword and was surprised that Nathaniel did not claim it himself. "So this girl then." He managed to say in between blocking and striking. "She must be really special for you to give up this sword for her. huh?"

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel wondered how he was going to knock his brother off guard. With him staying calm, he knew his chance of landing a hit was slim. Swinging he lips formed in a thin line as his sword was blocked by Kaiden's. "It's not what you are thinking. She's from the Water Kingdom. That sword rightfully belong to a water kingdom person. I got it for her thinking she could protect herself." And because I like her, but he doesn't need to know that. He throw a strike his way and leap back to regain his bearings.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments "Hmmm. Is that so." Kaiden blocked his strike and circled around Nathaniel slowly when he leapt back. "And I suppose you are taking it upon yourself to teach her how to protect herself? For no reason at all?" Kaiden while curious, asked these questions to see if he could get under his brother's skin. As one of the first lessons he learnt was that the battle is not just on the field but in the mind as well. Was Nathaniel's mind in the game?
Kaiden swung his sword to the right while leaping forward. He made all his attention focus on Nathaniel's right, but he prepared to sweep his foot behind Nathaniel's left.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel turned slowly as his brother moved. Nathaniel found himself blushing lightly at Kaiden's comment. He forgotten how preceptive his brother was. An image of Avery came to mind. The blush grew brighter. "Yeah. I am just helping her. She's a good friend." He tried to convince himself but was failing badly. When had saying something out loud ever made that something a true fact. He seen Kaiden xoming and he prepared himself by moving his sword to his right to block. What he didn' t expect wad to have his feet knocked from underneath him. He muttered a cuss as he fell. However he turned midway kicking out his foot to try to kick Kaiden in the stomach. "Almost have me huh?" He gets to his feet and throws a punch toward Kaiden's face followed by dropping down to knock his feet from underneath him in his combo attack.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Kaiden almost laughed when he saw his brother blush. He himself had neither interest or time to have a relationship but it was evident that Nathaniel was perhaps pursuing one. Kaiden dodged his kick to the stomach, and barely missed the throw to the face. Nathaniel was not holding back as well. As Nathaniel dropped down for a combo attacked, Kaiden decided to drop the water blade and jumped on top of his brother- making sure to dodge his own sword. Sitting on top of Nathaniel he yanked the sword out of his hand and threw it to the floor away from them.
"I do have you." Kaiden responded matter of factually.
Kaiden loosened his grip again and chuckled as he pulled himself off of Nathaniel and held out his hand to his brother.
"Next time don't let me get into your head. This girl must be something to get through your thick skull, huh?" With his other hand he ruffled the top of Nathaniel's head in a way that he knew his brother didn't like.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel came plumbing to the floor when his brother jumped on him. He tried to get up by wriggling his way out, but found he couldn't when Kaiden sat on him. A groan left his lips at his brother's comment. He hated when his brother was more in a playful mood than serious. He always did this or some form of knocking him down. To Nathaniel that told him that he still wasn't a serious fighter in Kaiden's eyes. Taking the offered hand, he was pulled to his feet. "Knock it off," he complained when Kaiden ruffled his hair. "Stop treating me like a child and you didn't get inside my head. You just used your weight against me." He walked over to pick up his sword. "Am I that obvious?"

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Kaiden grinned. He never allowed himself to get this playful but made exceptions with his siblings. He had grown up with them after all. "As obvious as the fact that I am allowed to use all the weapons at my disposal- strength included."
Kaiden shook his head and picked up his and Nathaniel's sword handing it to him.
"All right, we'll fight for real, I'm not needed until dinner anyway. Besides, I wouldn't want to bruise your ego. Especially since you want to keep it at its peak- for this girl. What's her name anyway?" Kaiden had wondered who had caught his hot-headed brother's interest.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Taking the sword, he sighed. "Her name is Avery. She's pretty right?" He looked over at Kaiden. "She got a burning streak in her that gives her a beautiful glow." He looked down at the sword in his hand. "I'm teaching her to orotect herself, but from what I don't know. She keeps herself closed off. At least that's what I got when we first met. I want to ask her more about her life back at the Water Kingdom but I can't help but feel like she would close herself to me. So I'm usong sword lessons as a way to get closer to her. What do you think?"

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments “Well I didn’t really see her, but sure she’s pretty from what I saw as she ran from you. What’s the deal with that anyway?” Kaiden asked aloud. He then shook his head, mirth in his eyes. He wouldn’t mock his brother though- he wasn’t that cruel. “Well I am not the best too give advice on these matters- obviously, but perhaps have you considered opening up to her? Like how do you expect her to tell you her past if you don’t tell her about yourself.” Kaiden gave him a pointed look, “She doesn’t know your a prince does she?”

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel gaze travelled upward for a moment. "She was running late for her job." He looked at his brother. Really looked at him. "I'll tell tou this but you must not tell anyone else especally father because I don't know how he would react, but..." He let out a breath of air. "Avery is a maid here. She doesn't know I'm a prince, so you're right. I want it to stay rhat way for as long as I can. She doesn't look or treat me differently than a common person. If I told her I'm a prince I fear she would think differently of me. You know the feeling."

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 2154 comments Kaiden definitely knew the feeling but he had grown out of it and woke up to reality years ago. Being the eldest meant that he had responsibility. As much as he wanted to smack sense into Nathaniel, and tell him that he was dreaming to want a maid, a part of Kaiden did understand how suffocating the royal life could be. And not as much was expected of Nathaniel as it was for Kaiden anyway.
So Kaiden looked at his brother seriously, and said "I won't tell father, but I trust you not to take it too far. We both know that if you make a serious relationship you won't only break her heart but yours as well, as father would never allow it." Kaiden softened his gaze a bit, "Perhaps though, father may understand. He may not need all of us to marry nobility. But- you don't want to make this fantasy reality as it is not our life." Kaiden shook his head, he already had too much going on as it was- but he would be there for Nathaniel if he needed it.
Ruffling Nathaniel's head again, he picked the sword up properly and took a stance. "Let's see if I can kick your butt twice now."

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 763 comments Nathaniel pushed Kaiden's hand away from his head. "You're right. I'll be careful." He thought back to all his brother had said. Falling in love with a maid is normally seem as unacceptable. He knew that, but he was still hoping. Besides he wasn't sure is Avery even liked him for a potential suitor. I mean they just met. He was just infuatrated with her. If anything he was sure his strong liking to Avery was just a strong crush. Getting into position he prepared himself to fight. "You won't get away with beating me a second time Kaid. Just you wait and see."

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