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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Contemporary Mafia Romance-Heroine kills husband

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Christina | 1 comments Warning i may have mixed two books together ,- i read this book within the past two years-

A woman is married to a mafia boss and her father is in jail. He's abusive towards her and she wants to kill him and take over the crime family but she has to do it in a way that casts no suspicion on her or else her control of the family would be threatened.

I dont remember how but she creates conflict with another family and they send a man to check it out - this is the man she connects with, and falls in love with. She finds out he was abused as a child and I think she kills someone for allowing it to go on.

This was kindle book - probably kindle unlimited because its no longer on my kindle. The main character may have been named cesare or ceaser

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