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Shauna Ewry The autobiography Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson is a whirlwind of a read. While I was unsure how I was going to enjoy reading an entire story through poems I actually found it quite fascinating. Jacqueline had an extremely eventful childhood that created an amazing story to follow, especially learning about her dream of becoming a writer. Throughout her upbringing she was constantly having to adapt to new situations and people from moving to South Carolina or to New York, which was the more shocking change of the two. I personally think that these experiences and the eclectic people she had in her life built the magnificently powerful writer she is today.

As someone who thinks that religion should be a personal choice and something that enhances your life I was extremely concerned when Georgiana, Jacqueline’s grandmother, forced Jacqueline and her siblings to become Jehovah’s Witnesses. While this did concern me during her childhood in South Carolina I think living there was more influential in terms of activism. It is stories like these that truly put into perspective that such severe racism and segregation was so prevalent in daily life. I was so proud of Jacqueline for learning about the Civil Rights Movement and becoming an activist is something she is able to carry with her throughout her life.

Jacqueline went through so much during her childhood that I could not even fathom but as a reader I was constantly reassured by the people in her life such as her best friend Maria or her teachers. I could not help but wonder if Jacqueline would have stuck with writing without her teacher proclaiming that in fact she already was a writer. It was such an inspirational moment to me that I can’t help but imagine what an impact it had on her life as well.

Reese Nicole I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, i don't read very fast, and i finished this in 1 sitting. I enjoyed how she wrote in stanzas as if it were a poem, even though she didn't talk as if it were a poem (sorry if i explained that odd).

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