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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Daughter of former rockstar dates bad boy - romance fiction. Spoilers ahead.

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Tracy Suber | 1 comments The book has a dad who was a famous singer, his daughter can sing, but doesn't much at the beginning. She is in an all girls school to start. Her mother passed away and her brother overdosed. She meets up with another singer her dad wants her to stay away from, but just can't. She is with this other singer for quite some time and then they break up. She is at college, living with her best friend, and meets a guy who is in a band and I believe he is a janitor. He makes it big - she gets pregnant but it is really the other singers baby. Ends up finding out that her husband is gay. She does go and sing with the 1st guy and records some songs. I cannot remember how it ends or if there are more books. I read it last year.

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