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The Fundamental Forces: Book One
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Andrew Miotto | 15 comments Hey everyone!

I have a 105k science fiction fantasy novel which has finished going through several self edits and one professional edit. I have been working on building this universe since 2013 and the first installment of the series is waiting for you to read it! The story follows three perspectives: a skilled ninja/spy, a military commander, and a young scientist. Anyone interested in checking out a few chapters let me know and I will send you a link to the google drive doc. If you wish to read the full story I have several free copies waiting to go into the hands of a few lucky beta readers. Thanks!

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Kayla Latulippe | 13 comments I love series. Sounds interesting. I'd love to read the full book.

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Kayla Latulippe | 13 comments I'd love to read the full book.

message 4: by Andrew (last edited Apr 12, 2019 06:36PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andrew Miotto | 15 comments Kayla, heres a link to the first half of the book. Send me your email address and I can get you a full copy!

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D'artagnan Maciel | 6 comments Sounds like and an interesting story. I like to read it.

Andrew Miotto | 15 comments Take the google docs link above! Its the first half of the story. If you like it and want to read the whole thing ill send you the full book.

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Dylan | 2 comments Hi Andrew, I was just browsing through the “Authors Seeking FREE Betas” section and came across your post. I read the first few chapters of The Fundamental Forces via your Amazon link. It’s an interesting premise and I liked the characters. I know it’s an old post, but if you’re still looking for free betas, I’d be happy to proofread the first few chapters (including the prologue) for you.
Dylan. :)

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D'artagnan Maciel | 6 comments Hi Andrew, what happened to the google link?

Andrew Miotto | 15 comments Hey all sorry I got busy with school. Back now and looking for Beta readers full time. I can send a pm containing a link to the book for anyone interested.

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Tito Athano (bobspringett) | 144 comments G'day Andrew,

I'd like to go through your sci-fi book.

Also, to you or anyone else. I have an epic of my own (about 170k words, plus the immediate sequel of 130k words) that could do with another set of eyes. The blurb for it is

As the Earth collapses under the impact of Climate Change in the 22nd Century, a desperation mission plants a seed population of four pairs of genetically-modified humans on a nearby exoplanet.

Over the centuries these First Parents give rise to increasingly sophisticated societies, each different but all matriarchal. Eventually they meet and work out a modus vivendi. Not always peacefully.

Time passes and their level of science and technology increases. Then they discover a shocking fact. All the ancient legends about their First Parents being the work of the mysterious Creators is found to have a scientific basis! It becomes a planet-wide quest to find these Creators. This spurs technologies to travel through deep space and even time, but at a cost that demands a whole-of-planet effort.

The option of sliding back in time to meet the Creators is vetoed for political reasons. A starship is sent on a journey towards the most likely nearby stars, a journey that will take longer than any of the crew expect to live. Their mission is to find the Creators and have their descendants report back to the home planet. The ship is equipped with a limited time-slide capability so the report can be returned close to the mission departure date in real time.

The post-Climate-Disaster Earth they discover overthrows everything they ever believed. In desperation they decide to subject their supposedly one-use-only and very limited time slider to multiple slides in an attempt to remedy the disaster they have discovered. In the process they determine that the race of Creators were themselves the result of genetic engineering. The Argo crew decide to slide back in time to warn the pre-creators of the flaws in their work, but on the way they conclude that these pre-creators in this case were the Argo themselves! They have also drawn the inescapable consequence of this solution to the Grandfather Paradox. You can’t change anything; all your actions can achieve is the inevitable, and in so doing to show what sort of person you are. The fate of Earth cannot be changed. Humanity on Earth is doomed.

The book ends with Stapledon’s closing reflection in ‘Last and First Men’ in which he affirms that even in the face of extinction, ‘It is good to have been Man!’

In the sequel (Return of the Argo, 133,000 words) this news is brought back home, along with their newly-developed ‘Ethic of the Inevitable’. The Future is already fixed, and the only moral decision is whether or not you will act with courage and compassion as you pass through the Present. It turns their whole society upside-down and starts what can only be described as a quasi-religious revolution.

This pair of books is basically one story, divided into two because of the length.

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Tito Athano (bobspringett) | 144 comments Tito wrote: "G'day Andrew,

I'd like to go through your sci-fi book.

Also, to you or anyone else. I have an epic of my own (about 170k words, plus the immediate sequel of 130k words) that could do with anothe..."

Following on from my recent post, my email is

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