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UNSOLVED: One specific book > 70s/80s era romance with poolside seduction

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MNeuStk | 2 comments I read this book in the early 80s. It involved a virginal heroine who was whisked away to a villa in Italy or France by a wealthy hero who had servants in his home. I don't remember why she was taken away, just that she was. The hero was about 10 years older than heroine and determined to win her over. She was feisty and resisted (don't they always?) until he came back unexpectedly while she was laying out poolside and began giving her a massage which led to a seduction. He frequently swore in Italian or maybe French and also used endearments in the same language. It could have been a historical but I don't think it was as she was swimming in a swimsuit and wearing evening gowns to dinner. May have had red cover with a bare leg and a man's hand on it. Does anyone remember this book?

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