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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Book about two men saving an evil winged princess

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Diedre Casey | 15 comments Okay here is another while I waite on the first
So this book was really cool it had detailed pen and ink illustrations. the style was close to Toril Maro Henrichsen but I don't he is the illustrator.

I remember the story well I think its German?
there is a scene with two travelers sleeping under a wagon outside a church it showed dew drops in the grass and little fairy ppl among it.

on their travels, they meet an old woman carrying a bundle of stick who trips on the road they don't help her. There is a part where they talk to a king who is worried about his daughter and he asks the help of the two guys. The princess leaves her room by using giant sawn wings and flys away in the night wearing a white nightgown with her blond hair streaming behind her.

the next part I remember is that the two guys find the princess went to a cave with a monster toll or goblin king he has greenish grey skin and black bat wings and purple clothing and the king's subjects are cabbage headed wooden dolls wearing peasants clothes.

the men go and cut the evil kings head off and dunk the princess in water to stop her from being evil in the end one of the guys marries her and they have a baby

There is a part that I forget where it goes but we see a woman(maybe the queen mourning over her evil daughter) crying as she wraps sugar pigs in black ribbon and there are dressed skeletons with guitars hanging from the trees around her.

Yeah this a wild story but hope someone else has heard of it.

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Diedre Casey | 15 comments Another one found! this book is called the traveling companion I managed to find it on google books with the right keywords
it was by Hans Christian Anderson so not German, but Dutch

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SBC (essbeecee) | 879 comments The Traveling Companion for the link.

Can you mark this one solved, Diedre?

P.S. Hans Christian Andersen is Danish :)

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